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Stop doing things the old way!!

Are you still in love with the way business was done in the last decade? Do you feel Digital Age is just a fad and will pass away soon?

Well, rethink.. because Digital Is causing a big disruption in all the industries- big or small and soon it will change the world forever!!

Here is a short story to explain the importance of adopting Digital.

A Digital Story:

When Digital met Analog


As DigitalMitr came out of his plush office, he saw his old friend AnalogMitr sitting on a bench, with a Kodak camera loosely hanging around his neck, shuffling through a stack of photos, pictures of his life's Kodak Moments...

DigitalMitr(DM): Hey AnalogMitr, how are you? Long time no have you been?

AnalogMitr(AM), almost startled as if someone has disturbed his deep thoughts..meekly greeted "Hey DM, I am doing good, how are you?"

DM: I am doing fabulous, everyone wants to be my friend. Life could not be better!! 😊

AM: Ya true, day by day my friends are leaving me and I see them hanging around with you.

DM: Change is the only thing that is constant my friend... You were around when I was not even born. You had a good head start

AM, looking blankly at the Kodak camera dangling around his neck sighed-"True...  I remember when I was young like you...I was the talk of the world...alas...Gone, are those days.."

DM, trying to cheer him up said-"Lemme capture this moment" and pulled out his smartphone for a selfie but to his amazement, AM was gone... never to return again...

The moral of the story- Analog is History, Digital is present till some other technology disrupts making it obsolete...but that is a distant future..far, far distant.

Welcome to the digital world!!

Are you Digital Ready?

Let's do a small experiment to see if you are living in present or still remembering your Kodak Moments...

Are you a human?

 Take the following test to be sure.....😃

Digital Quiz

Now that it is proved you are a human, are you ready to embrace the digital changes happening around you? 

Do you understand:
⇨ What Digital is? 
⇨ Actions you need to take to be relevant in this information age?
⇨ Ways to take advantage of this change in social & technological paradigm?

You are at the right place at the right time!! I am your Online friend, your DigitalMitr who will be mentoring you through this journey called Digital Transformation.

Keep on reading this blog and many others to follow.

What is Digital?

In layman's terms, Anything which is in electronic form can be termed as digital

Eg: If you write something on a piece of paper, that is not digital but if you write anything using a computer, it is.

In more technical terms, anything which is stored in the form of 0 & 1 i.e binary is digital. Binary is the language that all Digital devices understand and use for communication.

For example:
Letter "A" is stored as 01000001 and "a" is stored as 01100001
    Letter "B" is stored as 01000010 and "b" is stored as 01100010

Whenever digital devices communicate with each other, they use this form as it's easier and faster for them. 

For humans, it's difficult to understand this binary language hence the devices convert this binary into human-friendly language.

Now you know why you passed the test in the beginning...

Click for more fun with alphabets  😊

When did the Digital age start?

It started around the 1950-the 1970s, that is the time computers came into existence, and digitalization started. Before that everything was analog.

Impact of Digitalization on our society

Digitalization has made tremendous changes in the way we humans do our day to day tasks. It brought in a paradigm shift in the life of mankind.

Few examples of how the world changed due to the Digital Age:

Education: Even though we are still continuing with the physical classroom methodology of education, online education and training are growing at a tremendous pace.

All the books are now digitized and searching digital data is very easy and fast.

A digital dictionary has made searching for a word and its meaning very easy.

Entertainment: Gone are days when you had to wait for that day and time of the week to catch up with your favorite show. Netflix and Amazon Prime have changed the way we watch TV. This is the age of Online Media.

Business: Soon we will see the brick and mortar shops vanish and all businesses will go online. The likes of Amazon and Flipkart have made inroads and more & more people are shopping from the comfort of their homes.

Socialize: No one is untouched by the power of Facebook and WhatsApp. These social media channels have the Digital Persona of each and every individual enrolled in them.

Few Advantages of Digital age:

1. Extremely fast communication
2. Way of doing business changed
3. Way of entertainment changed
4. Way of education changed
5. New job avenues emerged.
6. Storing and sharing information changed
7. Editing and re-producing became easier
8. GPS & Digital maps changed the way we travel.

Few Disadvantages of Digital Age:

1. Data security- Digital data have a risk of hacking
2. The emergence of Digital crime
3. Copyright issues
4. Increase in workload
5. Social disconnect.
6. Computer virus & trojans that can corrupt/steal your data

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Watch this simple video for some in-depth understanding of the Digital world


As with everything else, Digital has its own share of advantages and disadvantages. Depending on which side of evolution you faced, it could have been
a boon or a disaster for you. 

Change is the only thing permanent so we have to make this transformation in our stride and focus on how to reap its benefits, else we will be gone forever, like our AnalogMitr.

Do reach out to your DigitalMitr for any queries related to this Information age.

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Now I'd like to hear from you. Are you willing to take your business Digital?

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