Conquering the Digital World!! [2022]

Simple steps to excel in this ever-changing digital world.

With the understanding of the Digital world and your favorite social platform identified, are you ready to go full speed?

But how to hit that turbo speed button without first getting rid of the fear of hitting a pothole?

Don't worry, this post will help you get rid of any doubts!!

A Digital story:
Here is a short story to explain how to conquer the Digital World.

The lazy Lion- a short story

In the jungle, there was a Lion. He knew he is the king of the jungle, which made him arrogant and lazy.

One day he was very hungry but was too lazy to go out for a hunt.

He saw a deer near his den and got very happy. Instead of going to hunt the deer down, he started dreaming about how tasty the deer is and roared in his excitement.

The deer got alerted and ran away & the Lion had to sleep without food that night.

Moral of the story: Just dreaming about good things does not make it happen, one has to work to achieve it.

Let's now get out of the jungle and dive into the Digital world 😁

Now that you understand Digital, are you convinced and want to take the next step? The huge step that will place you at the forefront of the Digital world??


Hopefully, you zeroed down on the Digital Platform that suits your personality as mentioned in my previous post Which Digital Platform is best for me?

If not, first identify's not that you cannot change it later but as the starting point you should pick at least one, and later if you feel like changing it, repeated the same process again!!

Don't worry, you will not be ignoring other platforms..but the one identified by you as primary is going to be at the center and other platforms are going to support it.

It's like the game of Kabbadi, you will have all the Digital platforms in your team that will help you get the Digital giant in your control 😇

The name of the game is "Generating Traffic for your Digital Platform"

Let's say you select a Website as your primary platform, you will be creating unique content that will add value to the reader's life by solving his problem!!

You will then create supporting content in other channels by sharing a "sneak-peak" of your main content, making that audience interested and divert them to your website, simple enough? 😉 
Don't worry, we will do it together, step by step. Just enroll for my free workshop and we can meet "Virtually" and take the first step in Conquering the Digital World!!


Slow and steady with your Digital Friend is going to win the race for you!!

We can accelerate once you are comfortable with what we are doing and then you can go on the "Auto-Pilot" mode.

Taking the first step is important, as we saw in the beginning, even the King has to work to get what he desires 😊

Don't forget to revisit "Mastering Digital" every now and then to keep the concepts clear in your mind. 

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Now I'd like to hear from you. Was this post useful for you?

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