Voice And Video Call Options in Gmail App [2022]

Gmail has started rolling out Voice and Video call options from its Gmail App. A call icon will be visible once its available for your account and you just have to tap on the icon to make a call!

Why Call icon is not visible on my Gmail App?

In case the call icon is not visible on your Gmail App, check if you have the latest app installed.

Once you get the latest app and still the icon is not visible, remember that Google have just started rolling out this option for all accounts, just wait for your turn.

Creating Gmail Account will open the doors of the Digital world for you!!

Gmail is the first step to make a grand entry into this ever-changing world of Information technology. And it's absolutely free!! Things cannot get better than this. 

Communication is what helped monkeys evolve into human beings & now to become "Digital Beings", the communication channel has changed to E-mails.

A Digital Story:

Here is a short story to explain the importance of E-mail.


A Digital Story:

DigitalMitr and AnalogMitr- Flashback
In the "Are You Digital Ready" post you saw how AnalogMitr and DigitalMitr separated forever. 

This post takes you to the flashback when it all started...

AnalogMitr was in business since his forefathers and had earned quite a name and respect in his field.

On the other hand, DigitalMitr has just started the same business and was bubbling with enthusiasm and energy. He had great faith in his technology knowledge and wanted to change the world with it.

Both AnalogMitr and DigitalMitr received a business inquiry and the client asked them to respond with details. Both the Mitrs responded but with a totally different approach, continue reading...

Analog Vs Digital

# AnalogMitr DigitalMitr
1 Wrote a 2-page cover letter and stapled 50 pages of addendum Typed 5 lines in the e-mail, giving links to a shared location for more details
2 Gave a call on the phone to the receiving party that he had dropped the envelope in the post office Sent a Whatsapp message to the receiving party that he had sent an email with details
3 Waits for 8-10 days to receive a reply Receives instant reply and close the deal

Now that we know the importance of E-mail, let's dig deeper into the nitty-gritty of things.

Here we start with the first step of getting Digital. If you do not have an email account yet, just follow these simple steps to get one.

There are many free email providers like Google, Rediff, Yahoo, etc. The signup process is almost the same for all.

I will show step by step process of creating a Gmail account as that is the one with a lot of freebies 😉
Also, the tutorials I will be conducting will be requiring a Gmail account.

Steps to create a Gmail account:

Gmail comes with a Google account and vice versa so either you start with creating a new Gmail or a new Google account, the end result will be the same.

Here You will be creating a Gmail account via the route of Google account,

1. Open your favorite browser

2. Type https://accounts.google.com/


3. Here you can select your Language, as well as read the help, Privacy, and Terms & Conditions for using this account. These options are present at the bottom.

4. Then click on the link Create Account

5. Select appropriate options i.e "For Myself" or "To manage my business". We will go with "For Myself"


6. Next it will ask for your First Name, LastName, UserName & Password.


7. Enter a user name you would like to use for your email. 

Gmail is very popular, so getting your Gmail address with your first name and last name may be a bit difficult. Append some numbers or additional text to get the username you want.

8. Enter a password that is a mix of letters, numbers, and special characters. Make sure you remember it 😈

9. After entering the required data, click on Next


10. A welcome to Google screen will appear, where you will have to enter additional information like Phone Number (mobile), Recovery email, Date of Birth, Gender.

Even though it says Phone number is optional, it will send you a verification msg on your phone so you will have to enter it anyway.

Even recovery email is optional but it's for your own benefit if you forget your password, this will save you from losing your account.

Your Date of birth is mandatory. If you are below 13years, it will ask for Parent's email id who will manage this account.


The next step is assuming you are above 13years

11. You will receive a verification code on your cell phone


11. On entering the verification code, a Privacy policy page will appear which you will have to accept else you will not be able to create the account.


12. Next it will offer you that you can get much more by linking your phone number to this account, you can accept or skip. I skipped and moved to the next step for the purpose of this post.


13. You will be presented with a Welcome screen of your Google account


14. You can customize it by uploading your picture etc.

15. Give a few minutes before login to Gmail, else it may give the following error


15. You can log in by clicking on Gmail from the top right-hand corner square box or if the Gmail link is visible on the Google page.

Login using your newly created account and enjoy the free emails!!

Benefits of Google Account:

A Google account comes with a free bundle of Google services. You can access Google docs, upload your photos & set sync to Google cloud, create your YouTube channel or Blogspot website!!

DigitalMitr-Google Services

You can watch this video in case you do not want to read the text 😇

How to create a Gmail account with a company name?

There are two ways to create a Gmail account with your company name:
1. Gmail Business: This is a paid service of Gmail

2. Add Alias: This is free if you bought a domain from Google Domains. You can use a custom email address(admin@domain.com) working on Gmail!!

Email FAQ:

1. How can I setup an email account if I don't have a computer?

To setup an email account, you will have to connect to internet. You can do it using computer or smartphone.

In case you don't have access to either, you can go to cyber cafe and pay for using its services which is very minimal.


Creating your email account is very simple, just follow the steps and you will be done.
Personal email accounts are free, for business email you may have to pay as it comes with a lot of additional features.

I will suggest going for a Gmail account even if you already have other email accounts, the reason being Gmail provides a lot of additional stuff.

If you need any guidance, subscribe and click the bell icon of DigitalMitr YouTube channel where I do a weekly live session where all can clarify their doubts.

Now I'd like to hear from you. Do comment in the box below if you already had a Gmail account.

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