Facebook Opens Virtual App| FB Virtual Reality For All [2022]

Facebook, now Meta, have opened it Virtual App for all in the US.

Horizon Worlds is the virtual reality (VR) world of avatars. The users of FB's Oculus VR headsets can create legless avatar to wander in the animated world.

The users can play games and interact with other avatar's.

Simple steps to create a Facebook account

A Digital Story:

DigitalMitr gets a FACE, a Facebook...

DigitalMitr was aware of the power of Social media on any business in the present day. FB has so many followers that this is one platform no one can afford to ignore.

Even AnalogMitr had a FB account!!

DigitalMitr understood how Facebook works, it links your business page to your personal profile so that people considering you to do business with you have a look at your social credentials.

Your social credentials will give them more confidence about your legitimacy.

But FB encourages you to keep your personal and business life separate, that is why it promotes all businesses to have a FB business page.

A Business page was the one missing from AnalogMitr's arsenal.

DigitalMitr's Facebook account helped him create an environment of confidence in others and his Facebook business page helped him share more about his business, a win-win situation.

Now that you are ready with your email/Gmail account, it's time to start rocking the Social world!!

Get an email account if you still do not have one. 

Let's start with the biggest social platform today- facebook


Step by step process to create a Facebook account on Laptop/Desktop:

1. Open your favorite browser
3. On the right-hand side, you will see "Create new account"
4. Enter your details and click on the Sign-Up button.
5. FB may send a confirmation code to the email address you have entered to ensure it's a valid email address.
6. Enter the passcode from the email

Watch this video if the above steps are not clear

Step by step process to create a Facebook account on Mobile:

1. Open Play Store (Android) or App Store(iOS)
2. Type Facebook in search
3. Do not confuse with FB messenger, look for the Facebook icon before downloading.
4. Open the app and click on "Create New FB account".
5. Follow the step by step process.

6. Enter the passcode from email/phone

Watch this video if the above steps are not clear

That's it... You are on Facebook or FB as most people call it. 

It may ask you to customize your profile, invite friends, etc, go ahead with it or just skip.

You can watch the videos above if you like to explore more options on FB


1. I don'T want people to join my FB group without my approval

Make your group moderator enabled or make it private depending on your need.


Creating an FB account is very simple and you can get started immediately. This will connect you with the social world.

It's really exciting to find your old classmates, childhood friends, teachers, and those who not on this Digital Platform.

Comment down if Facebook helped you connect with any of your old acquaintances. Also, let me know if you are a business and created a business page after reading this post.

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