Instagram New Features[2022]

InstaGram (IG) rolled out 3 new features namely:

1. IG Playback:

    • Insta will playback 10 stories for each users from 2021.

2. IG Reel Visual Reply:

  • This feature allows IG creators to include a 60 second reel in a comment. This feature is near the reply icon

3. IG Profile Embed:

    • This is available only in US. Using this feature, a user can embed entire profile anywhere on Insta.

3 simple steps to use Instagram like a pro!!

Instagram is on its way to become the biggest Social media platform.


Anyone who is not using Insta is missing its power.

What is Instagram or IG?

IG is an American photo and video sharing social platform now owned by FB (Facebook)

How to create an Instagram account?

You can either download the IG app on your mobile phone or use a desktop.
1. Open in the browser


2. You can use your Facebook account to login (FB bought IG) or signup using your mobile number or email.

3. It will send you a verification code based on the method you selected to create an account.

4. Enter verification code and you are all set to rock Insta!

Watch this video and see the step by step procedure.

How to use Insta?

Like any other social platform, IG is very easy to use. You can share your photos or videos on this platform.

Just watch this video to get the most out of Instagram.

How to earn money from IG?

Yes, you can earn money from your Instagram account either by sharing paid posts or sharing your affiliate links provided you have a good following.

Who better than Neil Patel to explain how to earn from Insta

How to delete an IG account?

Humans always look for change. Today Instagram is one of the favourite platforms, tomorrow something else may replace it.

Or simply you feel you are done with it and want to dump it, no worries... it's simple, just watch this video.


Instagram or IG is a power to reckon with and must-have ammunition in your Digital arsenal.
It's easy to use and can be used from smartphones or desktop/laptop.

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Now I'd like to hear from you. Will you be creating an Instagram account?

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