Creating LinkedIn Account [2022]

3 easy steps to know everything about LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the Facebook of the professional world.
It has established itself as the "Go-To" place for background verification and job search.

With professionals linking to each other via LinkedIn, it's very easy to track the whole career history of a candidate.

A Digital Story:

Here is a short story to give you an insight into how LinkedIn can help you expand your business or create your social brand.


DigitalMitr's struggle - things started looking better...

We saw in "Creating YouTube channel" post, how life for DigitalMitr was not as easy as he expected but then he got the hang of how to use other Digital platforms to build his brand so that he can compete with AnalogMitr's long-established business.

Charged with new energy, DigitalMitr wanted his presence on all the social channels.

He had heard about LinkedIn but was hesitant as it was more for the "Job seekers" rather than the business. 

After some hesitation, he went ahead to create his presence on LinkedIn, you never know which platform may work magic for you...

Listing his business on this channel brought him a different set of customers which helped him build his brand!!

What is LinkedIn?

It is an American employment-oriented service or in other words, the social platform for the professionals.

How does LinkedIn work?

LinkedIn connects all professionals whom you know or have worked with.

Your colleagues can endorse you for your skills and can write recommendations for you, hence adding credibility to your resume.

It has become the first database for recruitment HR for a background checks.

Why use LinkedIn?

It is a very good platform to build your personal or business brand. It has become so powerful that nowadays companies use it to do background verifications before offering jobs!

How to create LinkedIn Account?

Creating a LinkedIn account is very simple, follow these easy steps to get create one:
1. Browse LinkedIn


2. Click on Join now button on the top right-hand corner
3. You can create an account either with a valid mobile phone number or a valid email id or by Google account.

4. It will do a quick Security check by asking a puzzle once you click the Verify button.


5. After verification, it will ask basic questions about your country, city, date of birth, etc
6. Just follow the wizard, update your profile picture, resume.
7. It also has an option to check your contact list and link you with them.

And you are all set to go.

Check this video to check how to create a LinkedIn account.

LinkedIn Login

Now that you have created your account, just browse to or fire app on mobile and sign in using the credentials created.

Once logged in, you will discover the power of this professional network tool.

How to use LinkedIn?

Watch this video to quickly get started with LinkedIn

LinkedIn App

You can download the free LinkedIn app from the Play Store or Appstore based on the mobile you have.

LinkedIn Learning

You can not only search upload your professional resume on LinkedIn, but you can also upgrade yourself to the latest trend in the industry.

The learning from LinkedIn is free for one month, later you will have to pay for it.

Once you complete a course, it automatically gets added to your profile and you can download a hardcopy of the certificate as well!!

Is LinkedIn learning worth it? Well, it has got the branding of the best professional networking company, and it definitely carries its weight!

How to earn money from LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is not only for Job seekers and job providers, many freelancers are making good money from LinkedIn by providing their services here.

Watch this video to find 3 Ways to earn from this platform.

LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn knows about your professional journey which is backed up by recommendations from other professionals in your network.

So you looking for a job change? LinkedIn have you covered!!

You can search either by job title or company or city. It also provides open positions as per your skill & experience and you can directly access them.

LinkedIn Logo

LinkedIn has changed its logo over a period of time. As the brand grew, it experimented with various logos.

It started with black and blue, now it's all blue. Color selection is one of the biggest factors in building a brand.

How to delete LinkedIn Account?

Watch this video to find out how to get out of LinkedIn.

Is LinkedIn free?

Yes and No. Yes because it has a free version which is quite powerful. 

No, because it also has a paid version which offers a lot more.

Is LinkedIn still relevant?

LinkedIn is the biggest professional network that adds credentials to what you claim to be. It helps you to reach out to similar business, freelancers, job seekers, job providers, etc, etc

So in one word, Yes... It is still relevant and will be relevant for many decades to come.


To give yourself exposure to the professional world and to build your brand, it's highly recommended to be on LinkedIn.

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Now I'd like to hear from you. Will you be creating an account on LinkedIn?

Comment in the box below.

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