Pinterest Mastering Guide [2022]

Pinterest-Beginner to Master Guide

Pinterest has taken the social media world by storm. When everyone thought there is no more space for another social media, Pinterest proved all wrong.

With its simple interface to create a pin and connect with others, it's sure is going to give other platforms a run for their money!!


Pinterest is one of the new & emerging social media platforms. 

What is Pinterest used for?

Here the post is called a pin. A pin is an image searched and saved by Pinterest account holders.
People find inspiration and ideas for their hobbies or interests.

Pinterest Business Account

You can create either a personal or Business account on this platform. Both are free.

Pinterest for business gives some additional features to and the interface you will get is also different.

To start with, Terms and conditions are different for a Business account, nothing to alarm about though.

Secondly, you have an option to run your advertisements on it.

Thirdly, instead of a profile pic, it gives you a much bigger space to showcase your business, as well as much richer descriptions, which can be provided as compared to the personal account.

How to create a Pinterest account?

Follow these simple steps to create a business or persona account:

2. You can create an account either by using an Email or Facebook account or a Google account.


3. If you are already logged in to Google or Facebook on the browser, just clicking on these login options will log you in #PintrestGoogleLogin.

4. Your name, email address and profile pictures will be picked from FB or Google depending on which option you selected. Note that this will be a personal account.

5. Next Pinterest will ask about your interest and will present various categories. You will have to select at least 1 category and click on Done.


6. If you selected the Email option, you will get the option of creating a personal or business account.
A verification mail will be sent to your mailbox where you will have to verify it.

7. In the case of an FB or Google account, you will be directly taken to the Home page

Enjoy Pinning!! 😆

You can watch the video version as well for creating this account.

Pinterest Login:

Once you create your account on Pinterest, use the credentials entered while creating an account, and log in to discover the power of this new social media sensation.

How to use Pinterest?

The posts on Pinterest is called Pins. You can create your board and start pinning photos related to it.

On the top right-hand corner, click on your profile and select Create Board. This board can be private i.e no one else will be able to view it or public i.e anyone can view it.

You can create multiple boards and on these boards, you can add your own pictures or any picture from the web or from anyone else board, isn't it simple!!

You can watch this video to see how to use Pinterest.

Pinterest App:

You can either download PinterestApp from Appstore or Play store depending on your mobile type. You can also access it from the webpage.

Pinterest Image downloader:

By default, you cannot download images from Pinterest. You will have to download third-party apps or tools to download the images.

Pinterest Marketing

Ever since Facebook acquired Instagram, Pinterest became the hot free advertising and marketing platform.

You must have noticed, FB does not let your "Marketing posts" on your page reach all your contacts. There is no such restriction from Pinterest though... at least not yet!!

One study shows this platform is more popular among females especially moms. So spend your marketing budget accordingly.

You can create one or multiple pins of your products and link them to your website where more details can be found and your affiliate link can be applied.

Pinterest Ads

Make bright pins, preferable 736X1102 HD images. A study shows that images without a face have been pinned more times than the one with a face!

How to delete Pinterest?

Pinterest not your cup of Tea? No problem, get out of it  #DeletePinterestAccount.

You have an option of de-activating your account (can be re-activated later) or delete it permanently.

First login to your account. Go to Profile->settings->DeActivate.

Once you click on DeActivate, it will as for reason for this step.

After selecting a reason, either click on "Permanently close Account" or "De Activate"


 Watch this video to see the whole process

How to earn money from Pinterest:

There are various ways of earning money from Pinterest

1. Use it as a free advertising channel for your blog or product.

2. Once you get a huge number of followers, you can promote other companies or people's products by pinning them on your popular dashboards.

3. By doing Digital marketing for companies on this platform.

Watch this video for many more ways of making money from Pinterest

How does Pinterest earn money:

Like other social media, the way Pinterest makes money is by advertising on this channel. If anyone wants to promote their product or service on this channel, they can advertise by paying the money.

This being a new entry, the revenue is not very high but in the coming days, it may become massive.

Can I use Pinterest without creating an Account?

You can browse through the content without having any account but you will not be able to use any of the features.

Is Pinterest worth joining?

Yes, as every social media has some very specific audience, if you think your product or service will be liked by the users of Pinterest, go ahead and join.

If you want to advertise, this channel has low rates as it's making its presence felt.


Pinterest is a very interesting platform and is pretty new. So get onto it and make your presence felt before it gets overcrowded 😃

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Now I'd like to hear from you. Will you be creating an account on Pinterest?

Comment in the box below.

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