Creating YouTube channel [2022]

Creating YouTube channel- Step by step guide

Google is not only a big company, but it also provides opportunities for entrepreneurs to set up their own businesses!!

Anyone who has an inclination towards acting, directing, singing, cooking, teaching, or anything under the sky and above it, they can create their own YouTube channel and start sharing their thoughts with the world.

A Digital Story:
Here is a short story to give you an insight into how YouTube can help you in your life.

DigitalMitr's struggle - everything was not hunky-dory...

DigitalMitr had won the initial battle as we saw in "How to create a website" but technology can be overwhelming at times.

With his fully functional website in place, he had the ability to service his customers but how would customers find him?

AnalogMitr already had his presence since ages and was getting business from his existing customers, referrals from satisfied customers were attracting new customers as well.

So creating his Digital presence was a must for DigitalMitr to succeed. He had to build his brand and make the world aware of his presence in a big way.

He decided on a multipronged approach & selected YouTube as a channel to create his social presence.

He hired a trusted professional at a very competitive cost from Fiverr to create professional-looking videos for his business.

The videos captured the ease with which customers and do business with him and Fiverr also helped him promote his website.

In a short time, DigitalMitr started getting his customers!!

What is YouTube?

YouTube is an American video-sharing platform, part of the Google family.

Why YouTube?

For people who have good camera presence, this is an excellent channel. If you can make anyone laugh or cry using your skills, you can make it really big on YouTube.

How to create a YouTube channel?

Follow these simple steps to create your YouTube channel:
  1. You need to have a Gmail id or create a new Gmail Id
  2. Login to Google account and select YouTube from top right hand squares or directly go to and login.
  3. Click on your profile picture on top right hand corner and click on "My Channel"
  4. Enter Channel name (make sure name is relevant to you niche)
  5. Customize your channel by uploading channel art, profile picture etc.
  6. To upload video, click on Camera icon on top right hand corner and browse to the video that you want to upload
Watch this easy to follow the video and create your YouTube channel.
You can use the Gmail account you created at the beginning of the Digital Starter Kit lesson.

How to create a video for the YouTube channels?

How to delete a YouTube channel?

Not your cup of Social dose? Go ahead and delete it. Watch the step by step process to get rid of it.


Creating a YouTube channel is pretty easy and with some practice, you will be able to create decent videos.

If you are not comfortable creating your own videos, reach out to professionals from Fiverr and they will do the job for you at a very reasonable rate or you can connect with DigitalMitr and we will take care of all your Digital needs.

If you need any guidance, subscribe and click the bell icon of DigitalMitr YouTube channel where I do a weekly live session where all can clarify their doubts.

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