How to create Facebook Page quickly [2022]

Step by Step guide to advertising on Facebook like a pro!!

The best way to drive focussed traffic to your business and get a high conversion rate is to advertise on the biggest social channel- Facebook.

A Digital Story:

Here is a short story to show the power of marketing on social media & how to do it.

DigitalMitr goes full throttle!!

With social media working wonders to build the Brand DigitalMitr, he wanted to grow faster & touch the territory still untouched by him.

Marketing on Social media was the solution. DigitalMitr understood that his Digital marketing can be very specific, will be shown only to the audience who were searching for similar products hence increasing the chance of a sale.

In short, the ROI on Digital Marketing is very high as compared to traditional marketing.

AnalogMitr had big hoardings at crowded places for which he had to bid every now and then. He was not even sure how many people saw the hoardings and if the holding helped him get more business.

He was stuck with the same banner/hoarding unless he spent another huge amount to get it changed.

In short, he was just praying that his traditional marketing ways will work magic for him.

On the other hand, DigitalMitr has exact data on how many leads were being generated by which of his ads. He was able to change the ad immediately if any of it was not performing well.

He was able to control at what time, what age group, what gender should be presented with his ad!!

Let's not jump into the what and how's of digital marketing.

Now that you have created your Facebook account and want to leverage the power of Social Platforms to grow your business, Facebook Page is a great way of doing it.

It's very simple and free!!


Creating a Facebook page from laptop/Desktop:

  1. Login to your FB account
  2. Just beside the Home link, you will see a Create link.
  3. Click on Create and select "Page" from the options
  4. Now select Business or Brand and click on Get Started button.
  5. Enter your page name, it should be the same as your business name
  6. Select a category- just select Local Service if you think your business is not listed there.
  7. Click on Continue
  8. FB may change the process over time so Just enter the questions asked and you will be good.
Once the page is created, you can see it listed on the left side.

Creating a Facebook page from FB mobile app:

  1. Login to your FB account on the app
  2. Click on the Menu option and look for the Pages link
  3. Click on the pages link, there you will find the option to create 
  4. Click on Get started button
  5. Enter your business name
  6. Set on the toggle that you want to provide services.
  7. Select a category- Local Businesses
  8. Select sub-category as Local Service if your exact nature of nature is not available.
  9. FB may change the process over time so Just enter the questions asked and you will be good.
Congratulations!! on creating your first page.

Giving Roles on FB page:

Now that your first page is created, either you can maintain it yourself or add others to manage this page.
To add your team member to this page, there is a role-based option.

  1. Click on the page you want to provide access
  2. Select Page Roles from the available options
  3. Enter the name of the person you want to provide role
  4. Select the appropriate role from the Up/Down arrow buttons.
  5. Click on the Add button
Congrats!! You added your team member to your business page.

All the above steps are captured in this video, so if you are a YouTube fan, it's for you...

Create a Business page and adding a role in FB is very easy & you can use it to increase your business.

If you need any guidance, subscribe and click the bell icon of DigitalMitr YouTube channel where I do a weekly live session where all can clarify their doubts.

Now I'd like to hear from you. Will you be creating an FB business page?

Comment in the box below.

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