How to delete Tiktok account | Fastest way [2022]

Step by step guide to delete your TikTok account


How to delete TikTok Account?

Getting out of TikTok is as easy as getting in. In the initial days you would have to contact customer care but now Just follow these simple steps:
1. Make sure you are connected to the internet.
2. Open TikTok app
3. Click on the profile icon (Me icon on the right bottom corner)
4. Click on the menu icon (three dots/lines on top right corner)
5. Click on Manage my account 
6. In the bottom of the screen, you will see Delete Account
7. Click on it, it will take you to SMS verification screen
8. Click on send code
9. Once you receive the code on your registered mobile number, enter it in the verification box, and click continue.
10. It will display a confirmation screen, just read it if you want and click on Delete account.
11. It will pop up re-confirming about account deletion and click on delete.

How to delete TikTok Account permanently?

Follow the steps mentioned above. Your account will be de-activated for 30 days and will be visible to others. 

After 30 days it will be permanently deleted but be aware If you login to your account during the de-activation period, it will again get activated.

How to delete TikTok Account on iPhone?

The process of deleting the TikTok account is same on both iPhone and Android phones. Just the menu may be at a different place / named bit differently.

How to delete TikTok Account on Android phones?

The process mentioned above is good for both Android and iOs. Just be aware of the menu location.

How to delete the TikTok account on a laptop?

At the time of writing this article, there was no option to delete TikTok account by login to laptop i.e

This is not strange as TikTok is Mobile-first app and in the initial days even the app did not provide the option to delete the account,

How to delete the TikTok account if you forgot your password?

First, you will have to retrieve your password before deleting your account yourself. You can click on forgot password and a link will be sent to your email/ phone number.

How to delete the TikTok account after being banned?

TikTok may ban your account as per their community guideline. Being banned means you will not be able to post any video but you can still access your account on your phone and follow the same steps to delete your account.

What happens if I delete TikTok App?

Deleting app from your mobile does not mean your account also got deleted. You can re-install the new version of the app or login in to your laptop with the same account. All your videos will still be available.

How to delete someone else's TikTok account?

Well, this is not a very good thing to do and TikTok will not allow you to do it unless somehow you are able to guess that user's credentials, log in to his/her account, and delete the account.

This could well be counted as cyber crime and depending on the impact on the person who's account you deleted, he may file a FIR as well with the cyber crime cell.

Note: If the user logs in his/her account within 30 days of deleting the account, the account will be active again.

My Phone number is not registered with Tiktok

In case you have not registered you phone with your TikTok account, you will not be able to get the verification code.

so just follow the steps mentioned under "How to delete TikTok account" and after 5th step, click on the phone number link. It will ask you to enter your phone number and will send you an activation code.

TikTok support/customer care

As per TikTok Terms of use, you will have to write a mail to and they will let resolve the problem.

How to delete TikTok id- Video version

Watch this video in case you are not much of a reading person to listen to the steps mentioned above...

What will happen after deleting my TikTok Account?

Once your account is permanently deleted, you will
  1. Not be able to login to your TikTok account
  2. Your access to the videos that you have posted will be removed.
  3. In case you had purchased any items, you will loos access and there will be no refunds.
  4. Chat messages and other shared information may still be visible to others.

Why delete the TikTok account?

The Indian Government has imposed a ban on many Chinese apps, TikTok is one of it. Even the USA is considering the ban.

Pentagon on TikTok


For whatever reasons, some countries have already banned this app or are considering it, make sure this is not the only social platform you are targeting.

Other Social media options

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