How to create Google Ads? [2022]

Simple steps to start advertising on Google

Do you want to drive more traffic to your website or YouTube channel or increase your sales, Advertising is a very important tool for doing it.

The current trend is moving towards digital advertisement and it really helps to understand how and what of advertising on the world's most searched platform- Google.

A Digital Story:

Here is a short story to show the power of marketing on social media & how to do it.


DigitalMitr goes full throttle!!- Part2

In the previous post "Facebook Page", we saw how DigitalMitr was utilizing the power of FB, one of the biggest platforms of the present time.

But he wanted to distribute his marketing budget on other platforms as well to see which was working better for him.

That's the power of Digital, you can actually decide where you are going to spend each cent & how much returns are you getting from it.

On the other hand, AnalogMitr was using the traditional methods of broadcasting his ads on TV, Physical Hoardings without any means to control the outcome.

Now that we are enlightened with the story, let's deep dive into the technicalities of Google Ads.

What is Google Ad?

It is an online advertising platform from Google for anyone who wants to run ads about his product or service on Google platforms.

Are Google Ads free?

No, advertisers will have to pay for the ads displayed by Google.

How to run ads on Google?

To run ads on Google, one need to have a Gmail/Google id.

1. Navigate to Google Ads and click on Sign In. If you do not have a Google account, click on the "Start Now" button and it will take you through the process of creating a Google Account.
2. It will prompt you to create a new google ads account if you have not done it before.
3. Click on New Google Ads account
4. It will ask for your main goal, select anyone for now and click Next.

5.If you have set a Google Business Account, it will prompt you to link it with this campaign.

6. Next step is to set where people will go after clicking on the Ad, click the appropriate step.
7. A thanks Page will pop up, click Next

8.It will prompt you to write an Ad. Enter details the way you want it to appear, click Next

9. Next step is to add Keywords for which you need your ad to Appear. Make sure the Keywords match the Goal for the If the goal is to sell, go for keywords starting with "Best", "Cheapest" etc which have buyer intent.

10. Next step is to select the location where you want this Ad to appear.

11.It will prompt you to set a budget. You can select a predefined budget or enter your own.

12. A review page will appear where you can cross-verify all the details entered.

13. Once you have entered a payment method, click on Submit.

14. You can select which days you want your campaign to start and end.

Now you are all set with your first Google As!! 

If someone is managing your ads for you, share the ten-digit xxx-xxx-xxxx number appearing on the top right with him.

He will use this account number to create and run ads for you.

You can explore various options as displayed on the screen after setting up your ad account if you want to advertise yourself.

It is highly recommended to first learn the full process before attempting it else you may end up losing money.

Note: It may ask you to enter credit card details.

The following video covers the GoogleAd creation process

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Enabling your website for Google Ads is very simple. 

Now I'd like to hear from you. Do you first want to try advertising yourself or want to go to professionals? 

Do comment in the box below.

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