How to Create a Free Website [2022]

3 easy steps to create your own website for FREE!!

How to create a free website?

Creating websites has become very simple nowadays. With so many competitions, there are reputed names that are offering free websites- both domain name and hosting!!

These companies have made the setup process so simple that even kids can create their websites.

A Digital Story:

Here is a short story to explain How a Website is the new selling platform for your business.

DigitalMitr and AnalogMitr- the story continues...

In the "Creating Email Account" post you saw how AnalogMitr and DigitalMitr bid for the same contract and DigitalMitr won it due to his speed using the Digital platform. 

AnalogMitr was sure that DitigalMitr will fail in fulfilling the demands of the client as he did not even have a place to conduct his business.

On the other hand, AnalogMitr had a big shop in a prime location with dedicated staff working for him.

DigitalMitr had a very clear vision of using technology to his advantage. He created a website adding all the features anyone would expect from a Brick & Mortar shop.

It had features like browsing through products, shopping cart where you can park your product before making an online payment.

It also had a feedback and star rating section where satisfied customers vouched for him.

AnalogMitr was aghast by DigitalMitr's approach. He had never imagined that all the hard work his forefathers had put in setting up the business was at risk due to this disruption called Digital.

But instead of gearing up for the disruption, AnalogMitr was concerned about all the investments already made in his business model, without considering the fact that the investments had already paid for it over the years and now was the time for a paradigm shift!!

If you arrived at the decision of creating a Website for yourself, I will say it's a very wise decision.

The website can be for your business or fun, getting started with it is important.

Few basics before  we jump into the website creation process:

1. A domain name is needed for any website. eg: or are examples of domain names.

Domain names have to be unique and you will have to buy them from Google or GoDaddy or Namecheap

Tip: Namecheap provides the best rate for a domain name. To maximize your savings, get the domain name for multiple years.

Still testing waters and do not want to invest any money yet? No problem, go for a Free domain.

Tip: Use the free domain name for learning purpose only, for any serious money-making or brand building purpose, buy your domain.

How to get a free domain name?

If you are fine with a subdomain eg:
www.<anyname> or www.<name> etc then you can get it for free from the free hosting providers mentioned below!!

2. A hosting platform is needed to host/launch your website. There are free and paid options.

Siteground is one of the best-paid hosting providers at the current time, click on the ad below to get heavy discounts on your hosting.

You can buy a domain name from hosting providers as well, just compare the costs.

Free hosting providers are listed below

3. Web pages and content are needed for the website. You can either create your own content or hire professionals to do it for you.

Get started with your free web site!!

Following are a few reputed Free website hosting platforms:

  1. BloggerThis is my personal favorite. All you need is your Google or Gmail Id!! The simple interface is very intuitive. 
  2. WordPress: This is an excellent platform and gives you first-hand practice on the most popular WordPress platform. Just signup & get started!! Do not get confused between and WordPress, provides hosting along with a hosted WordPress platform to create your website & WordPress is just the platform, it needs hosting before you can use it.
  3. Wix: With the customizable templates provided by Wix, it definitely is one of the easiest platforms to create a stunning website. You will have to create a free account with them to get started.
If you like any of these platforms, you can buy the paid hosting on them along with a custom domain name.

Blogger is an exception, its hosting is free but you can buy a custom domain to host on it.

How to create a free website on Google?

Watch the following video to create a website free of cost, that also on the mighty Google!!

How to create a free website with WordPress?

There are many providers that offer free hosting with WordPress but I recommend Just follow the steps mentioned in this video to get your free website.

How to create a free website and earn money

Now that you know how to create a website for free, it's time to know How to earn money from it.

It does not matter if you have your free website with Google or any other provider, steps to earn money are the same for all.

I have shared step by step process in my post How to earn money from a blog

Advantages of Free Website:

1. It is free!!
2. You can gain confidence & get hands-on experience before spending even a single penny on the platform.
3. It is great for a hobby.

Disadvantages of Free Website:

1. It comes with the provider's name appended to your domain name. Eg.
2. The hosting is not optimized to handle huge traffic thus will make your website slow.
3. Limited flexibility on what you can and cannot do in terms of customization.
4. You are obliged to accept the changes done by the providers.
5. Long story short, it makes your website look un-professional putting your business at risk. 

Setting up a paid website is also very easy & gives you a lot of flexibility. Siteground is one of the best Hosting providers in this space, do try it out as your first paid hosting platform. 

Click on the ad below and get started!!

If you are still not feeling confident about setting up your website after buying Domain and Hosting, you can hire professionals from Fiverr to help you create and promote your website or you can contact DigitalMitr & we will take care of all your Digital needs.


Creating your web site is very easy nowadays. There are options to get it completely free if you are doing it just for fun or practice but if you want to earn money from it, then you will have to invest some money.

Do not just hold on to the legacy like AnalogMitr, understand the disruption, and join the digital revolution.

If you need any guidance, subscribe and click the bell icon of DigitalMitr YouTube channel where I do a weekly live session where all can clarify their doubts.

Also, read how to use Yoast Plugin in Blogger and make your post rank better.

Now I'd like to hear from you. Do you first want to go with a Free website or directly jump into the paid ones? 
Do comment in the box below.

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