How to create Twitter Account quickly [2022]

3 simple steps to master Twitter

Twitter is THE platform for the rich and the famous. Anyone worth his or her name is actively using Twitter.

The simple concept of quickly sharing a few lines with your followers has caught everyone's imagination and that's what is the power of Twitter.

A Digital Story:

Here is a short story to show why Twitter


DigitalMitr tweets his new business offers!!

DigitalMitr fully understood the power of all social platforms and wanted to build his brand by creating his presence on all the platforms.

Each platform brings its own unique audience!!

DigitalMitr created a Social Media strategy & Tweets were on his forefront. Any new business offer and out goes his tweet... informing the whole world about it.

Twitter and other social platforms were doing the job of mouth to mouth publicity but unlike humans, these platforms are available 365x24x7.

Even when you are sleeping, someone may be reading your tweet & taking action based on it!!

Now let's dive into how and what of Twitter 😊

Anyone worth his name is on Twitter!! It is considered as the social media of the rich and famous and powerful as they all are there and have a huge fan following.

Twitter is an American social and microblogging platform where the posts are called  "Tweets"

How to create a Twitter account?

1. Browse to
2.Click on the Signup button


3. Enter your name and phone number or email id.
4. It will ask for your date of birth as well.
5. Click on Next
6. It will send you a verification code by phone or email depending on which option you selected.
7. After verification, it will ask for some customization and will recommend some Twitter accounts as well to follow 😀

Watch this self-help video to create your Twitter account.

How to use Twitter?

Watch this step by step video to quickly get started with Twitter.

How to earn money from Twitter?

Twitter, like any other social media platform, can help you earn good money provided you have a good number of followers.

You can do sponsored tweets or use them for promoting your website or YouTube channel. More money-making tips in 9 Twitter monetization tips

How to delete the Twitter account?

It's always a good idea to know your way out 😂. Watch this easy to do video to know your options out of Twitter.


Getting on Twitter and using this awesome social platform is very easy and it's considered a social platform of the Rich and Famous.

That should not deter you from jumping on this channel... remember, the more the merrier 😊

Do tweet on my Twitter handle @MyDigitalMitr and let me know if this was useful for you.

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Now I'd like to hear from you. Will you be creating an account on Twitter?

Comment in the box below.

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