Which Digital Platform is best for me? [2022]

Do not select your Digital platform without reading this first!!

So you are convinced that Digital is the future and want to embrace it. But there are so many digital and social platforms, are they all same?

Is there a proven technique on how to select a platform that will prove to be most beneficial for you without stressing you out?

There is definitely a proven way to do it, keep on reading.

Here is a short story to explain how to select a Digital platform matching your personality.

A Digital story: 

The Crow and the Peacock

A crow liked the way Peacock's were & was not happy with the way he was. One day he found some Peacock feathers on the ground.

Using his imagination, he stuck those feathers in his body and tried to mingle with Peacocks but was not accepted by Peacocks. They immediately realized that he was an imposter & threw him out.

Moral of the story: Be who you are and love your personality. People like you for what you are and fake does not last long.

Now let's dive into finding a suitable Digital platform for you 😊

After the evolution cycle of millions of years, we evolved into Human Being. With the change in time and technology, now is the time to become Digital Being!


The first step to becoming a Digital Being or Being Digital is to select a platform that suits your personality. so the obvious question is:

Which Digital Platform is best for me?

 Yes, it's very important that your Digital Avatar should reflect the real you else the enthusiasm of Being Digital will just fizz out, like a soda can

So first let's find what all are the Digital platforms and which platform suits what kind of personality. 

There is no correct or wrong platform, its only which one is more suitable for your personality.

Digital Platforms:


For the people who are good speakers & have a natural talent to strike conservation, this could be a good platform. You can record interviews with interesting peoples or tell a story or share your views which are unique and you may have a good audience.
This is a good option for people who are camera shy and do not like to write much but want to leave their impression in the Digital world.

2. Blogs: 

For people who are good at writing articles. Some people have such a good nag of writing that the words flow when they type.

This is a good option for people who are not confident speakers & are camera shy.


For people who have a good camera presence, this is an excellent channel. If you can make anyone laugh or cry using your skills, you can make it really big on YouTube.


For people who can make good graphics or want to make small videos


For camera friendly people who don't want to make long videos. This 15second of fame can make you a star.


This is a new entry on social channels. Anyone having good design skills can earn a name here.

7. Facebook: 

Anyone who can share good content like images or short videos and are able to pull lots on people is best suited for this.

8. WhatsApp groups: 

This is also a very good channel to make a big group that can be very useful in leaving your social footsteps in this world.


For anyone who is good at writing one or two liners, this is the best platform.


This is the platform for professionals. If you feel other platforms are a bit too "Social", go for this. You can write professional articles and grow your presence.

A few more worth mentioning are:

There are many more but they are similar to the one mentioned above and have less user base.

So what is your personality? Which channel is more suitable for you? 

Write in the comments and I will make a detailed blog on how to excel in that channel.

Is being a blogger easier than being a YouTuber?

Both are not easy. To get success, one have to work hard in both. Based on your personality traits you can decide if you want to be a youtuber or a blogger.

If you like writing a lot but not talking or showing your face, then blogging is better for you.

There are Bloggers who use YouTube effectively to drive traffic to their Blog and wise a versa.

You can start both free: Use BlogSpot for blogging, use you smart phone and its accessories to create video and upload.

After couple of months, you will know the answer yourself or you may end up doing both or nothing.

There is a place for everyone in this Digital world. Just keep on trying with any of the channels till you find the one that works for you.

Impersonating someone who you are not will not work. Showcase yourself and people will love it!!

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Now I'd like to listen from you. Which Digital platform is more suitable for your personality?

Comment in the box below.

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