Become a Freelancer| Be your own boss [2022]

Freelancer: Earn Online by providing your services


Do you have a skill or talent but you do not want to start your own business? Become a Freelancer!!

You can earn by providing your services. There are so many online businesses looking for talents that can augment their presence.

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Register yourself on Fiverr and start getting calls!!

What is a Freelancer?

A freelancer is the one who is not bound to any company or organization. He can provide his services to any company or organization for mutually agreed fees.

What are the Advantages of Being a Freelancer?

A freelancer is his or her own boss. They can take a project, complete it as per the client's expectations, and he is done.

Taking a new project is completely in his own hands.
Freelancers have better control of their time and earnings. 

The more projects they do, the more they earn. If they do not want to work for a while, they can stop taking new projects and enjoy their time.

What are the Disadvantages of Being a Freelancer?

Freelancers do not get paid for their vacations.
At times they may not get enough projects to earn a decent income.

Freelancing Websites:

Apart from Fiverr, there are many websites that provide opportunities to register with them as a freelancer & earn money.

Jobs which Freelancers can do

Nowadays, there is a need for freelancers in almost all fields. With all the businesses striving for the best return for their money, Freelancers offer a very efficient solution.

The following are a few fields where freelancers are earning good money once they get established.

1.Website design: 

With everyone rushing towards making their digital presence, there is a huge demand for good website designers.

2.Logo Creator: 

Each business wants to have their logo that is recognized the world over. A logo like Nike, FedEx, etc have made the logo as important as the company itself.


This is one field that is providing an opportunity for everyone to make it big. Just keep on writing blogs regularly and in a year's time, you will see various earning avenues open for you.

4.Developer/freelance programming: 

There are companies who do not want to maintain their own developers, hence they head towards Fiverr, Upwork, etc, and negotiate as per their budget.


YouTube is the world's second most popular search engine. With the availability of high-speed internet at a cheaper rate, everyone wants to look for a video instead of reading long articles.

6.Content creators: 

With so many people creating their own blogs and YouTube channels, there is a demand for content creators. Those who have learned how to drive traffic to their websites automate their content creation by hiring freelancers.

7.Digital Marketing: 

With advertising moving to Google and Facebook, there is a huge opportunity to become a digital marketer by learning any platform and helping people driving traffic towards their site.

Some other areas are:
  1. Animators
  2. Bookkeeping
  3. Tax filing
  4. Social media influencers
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How much do freelancers earn?

Once you have established yourself (it may take 6months to 1year of regular freelancing work to get established), there is no limit to the earning.

You can set your own time to work, days to work, and rate at which you want to work & then remaining is simple mathematics.


There are advantages and disadvantages in every field, take the decision based on your personality.

A middle path could be to take freelancing as a side job while you work to get food on the table. Once you have earned good credentials, you can become a full-time freelancer.

Now it's your time to give some inputs to me. Do comment down below if this article helped you make your decision.

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