Best Deals on Website Hosting [2022]

Best deals on Website Hosting and discounts to help you get your foothold on Digital Platforms.

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Now that you have decided to set up your own Website/blog/online business, the first step is to get a Domain name and Hosting.

Either you can do your own trial and error or learn from my experience and spare yourself the agony of finding a good hosting service.

Hosting for a website is the location where all the files that make up your website are placed. It is important to have a good hosting solution so that it has high availability and fast connectivity.

Many providers have long downtime i.e their environment is not available due to maintenance or some other reason which causes frustration to the users of the website, hence adversely impacting your reputation.

Best Hosting Platform

Bluehost is the best at present times. Yes, there are many other brands but most of them have got a bit complacent. Their on-call service is not what it use to be, their query resolution has become slow...

Bluehost Web Hosting $3.95

It's always good to have options, right? Here are few alternatives

Break the legacy, get Siteground for the best experience!!

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Another good hosting provider is Hostinger

It's always good to have an alternative, Hostinger is an alternative to Siteground. It has also made a name for itself.

Want to go with a Free hosting service initially? No problem. You can opt for free hosting till the time you get confidence or are convinced that you can make money from your website.

But do not compromise on Domain name. It is the first touchpoint where your subscribers come in touch with you.

You can buy domain names from any provider but I found  NameCheap offers the best price. It also has reasonable renewal rates.

Buying a domain from NameCheap is very simple:
1. Identify the domain name
2.Check it's availability on NameCheap
3.Create an account by entering your basic details
4.Enter your address and phone number (this is mandatory to make sure the buyer is genuin and will not commit cyber crime.
4. Make payment either by Card or PayPal.

Get Professionals to help you get started with your Online Journey

Do not want to learn the full process of going online and want to concentrate on your core business? 

No Problem!!

Hire professionals from Fiverr to do the Digital work for you!!

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Save your computer from Virus attack, keep your data safe, use the world's no.1 Antivirus, Norton.

Write the way professionals write, use Grammarly.

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