Blogspot: Everything You Need To Know About It [2022]


    Blogspot for Beginners

    In this post, you will understand all the concepts and clear all the queries you had about this free subdomain provider from Google.

    What is Blogspot?

    It is a free subdomain provider by Google's Blogger platform, quite often confused with Blogger.

    Eg: If you want to have a free domain for your website, Google provides

    What is Blogger?

    Blogger is the platfomr/interface using which you can create a free subdomain in Blogspot.

    What is the difference between Blogspot and Blogger?

    If the difference is still not clear, let me give you an analogy- At the risk of oversimplification.

    Let's say you have a bank account in SBI. SBI provides a lot of banking services including locker facilities. So the branch providing locker facility has a locker room & you can get a locker in that locker room.

    Now compare it with Google- Let's say you have an email account with Google. Google provides a lot of other services including hosting facilities. So Google has Blogger & you can get a Blogspot subdomain there.

    Pheww.. did it make sense or add to the confusion? 😆

    So these are synonyms to each other and go hand in hand.

    What is the meaning of Blogspot?

    The literal meaning of Blogspot is a place where blogs are found. A blog is a series of web posts about anything or anyone.

    How to create a Blogspot account?

    Blogspot or Blogger is tightly coupled with your Gmail account. So anyone having a Gmail or Google id can create an account for free on this platform.

    Following are the steps:
    1. Open Blogger
    2. Sign in with your Google/Gmail id and password.
    3. Provide a name (you can change it later) for the blog.
    4. Enter your domain name- If you do not have a domain name, you will get a free subdomain.
    5. Just accept default settings and you are done with your Blogger account.

    How to create a website in Blogger?

    Once you have created your Blogger account, follow these simple steps to create a website:
    1. Login to
    2. Click on the link New Blog
    3. Enter the title of your blog, it should be related to the niche you identified.
    4. Enter a domain name, for best results try to have your niche name as part of your domain name.
    5. Select a theme from Blogger but later make sure to download a professional-looking template from the third party. There are both paid and free templates available.

    Make sure the Blogger theme you select is suitable for your Niche.

    Done, you just created your first website!!

    Watch this video for step by step process to create a Blogspot website/ blog.

    Writing a post on blogger:

    Creating a website is just the beginning. You need to create posts that will appear on your website in the respective location.

    Follow these simple steps to create a post on blogger:
    1. Click on the New post link
    2. Start writing about your favorite topic.
    3. Make sure to format the writeup with proper headings, include relevant images, and provide links to your other post or external post for a good user experience.

    How to delete Blog on Blogspot?

    For any reason you do not want to continue with your blog, you can go ahead and delete it. Make sure to take a backup in case you feel like restoring it later. Follow these steps:
    1. Login to
    2. Go to Settings
    3. Scroll to "Manage Blog"
    4. ManageBlogSetting.png

    5. Click on Remove blog
    6. A pop-up will appear, click Ok and your blog will be deleted in 90 days.
    7. DeleteBlog.png

    How to backup a blog on Blogger?

    Under settings->manage blog, you will see an option of "Backup content".

    It will backup all the Posts, Pages, and comments on your blog. This is different than backing up your theme. It's a good idea to backup your theme as well in a case by mistake you make some changes and the blog theme goes for a toss.

    How to backup Theme on Blogger?

    Login to blogger and navigate to Theme. Click on the dropdown of Customize button and click "Backup".
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    You will be able to download an xml file that can be restored using the same process, just select Restore instead of backup.

    How to make money from Blogspot?

    You can consider it like any other website and all the options of making money from the website are applicable for this as well.

    How to Monetization Blogspot| Adsense For Blogspot

    It is the way Google pays for displaying ads on your website. You will have to apply for Ad sense to monetize your blogger website.

    Yes, the Blogspot blog can get AdSense approval. I got mine in around 10months. I am a new blogger and made many mistakes in the beginning but was able to get it!!

    My tips:

    1. Add a custom domain to the Blogspot to get faster approval.

    2. Get a custom email id with your domain name in it eg:

    3.Use this custom mail id to apply for AdSense

    4. Make sure your blog is getting around 100 visitors daily, organically before applying (I know, easier said than done but mine was rejected multiple times due to lack of visits).

    5. Create About, Terms and conditions, Privacy Policy pages. About page should be exhaustive, add your photo as well along with your Facebook, Linked profile.

    Do read details on Guide For Adsense Approval on Blogspot

    Is Blogspot available in India?

    It is a Google product so it is available worldwide, including India and there is no separate branding ".india" or ".in" as an extension. It's the same for all.

    How to name your website/blog?

    You can name your blog or website whatever name you want but it will be better if the name is related to the niche for which you will be creating the blog/website.

    Eg: will not be appropriate for a cooking niche.

    Name is important as Google and people coming to your blog/website can guess what they can expect from it.

    What is Blogspot's address?

    Blogspot does not have an address of its own. When you create your free domain on Blogger, the address will be like

    Blogspot and YouTube

    Both are Google products, one is for blogs/text-based topics other is for video-based topics.

    You can use your same Gmail id in Blogspot and YouTube channel

    Blogspot Theme

    You can either use the default themes provided on this free website or download free themes from a third party. Free themes will have attribution to the creators, so if you do not want that, go ahead and buy the theme.

    BlogSpot vs WordPress

    WordPress is the industry leader in the open-source website design platform.

    Note: Do not confuse between and Former is a Webdesign opensource and the latter is a hosting platform (free and paid)

    BlogSpot also provides options for website design but it's not as versatile as WP

    WP needs a hosting platform that you will have to buy but BlogSpot has Blogger as its free hosting.

    Note: WP cannot be installed on Blogger Hosting.

    BlogSpot SEO:

    One of the challenges of BlogSpot is it is not very Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly. That is why many Bloggers start with it and once they are established, they move to WordPress & other hostings.

    There are some hacks to Yoast SEO Plugin in Blogspot, but there is a lot of other stuff as well that affect SEO.

    Advantages of Blogspot:

    1. It's free!! You get both hosting and domain without paying a single cent.
    2. It's tightly coupled with all the Google services
    3. SSL certificate is free
    4. You can link your custom domain to your free Blogspot hosting.
    5. It's easy to create, does not need coding skills
    6. You can use third party Themes to make it look the way you like.

    Dis-advantages of Blogspot:

    1. Very limited options to customize your blog.
    2. Url or permalink generated for your blog contains a date that is not very user friendly and adversely impacts SEO.
    3. Google owns the blog, not you. So if any of the google policies are violated, your blog can get deleted or disabled.
    4. Monetization is a lengthy process as compared to Word Press sites.


    1. I am not able to search my blog on Google.

    Log in to your domain or hosting provider account and check what blog name you entered.

    Copy the url/permalink of the blog and paste it in Google. If it still does not appear, make sure you have submitted your website in the Google console.

    2. What is noindex nofollow meta tag?

    In case you do not want your specific page like Privacy policy or any post (for what ever reason), you can instruct Google no to index it by adding noindex nofollow in meta tag.

    You can set it in blogspot by using Robot.txt or custom robot tags at post level.


    So Google provides a free platform for everyone to learn and earn on the web, make use of it. Go ahead and start using this great tool as your sandbox before taking a big leap towards WP.

    Now I would like to hear from you, write in the comment box below if this article was helpful to you as a Blogspot beginner.

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