Digital India Platform [2022]

Digital India Platform- What, How & Why 


What is Digital India?

Digital India (DigitalIndia/DI) is a Government of India (GOI) initiative to bring India in the forefront of the Digital world map.

Digital India Platform:

The platforms that will launch India as a superpower in this era are:
  1. Super fast and affordable internet: This is the expressway that will connect everyone across the world.
  2. Digital savvy people: These are the entrepreneur and citizens of the future who will piggyback on the Digital India platform and generate value for all.
  3. Availability of information at the click of a button: With everything Digitized and connected with the super-fast internet, magic will happen.
  4. Digital Technologies: Technologies like the 
    1. Internet of Things (IoT), 
    2. BigData, 
    3. Artificial Intelligence (AI), 
    4. Machine Learning (ML), 
    5. Blockchain, 
    6. xG (5G and beyond) 
will connect every living and nonliving thing on earth and beyond with each other, all will be able to communicate with each other in real-time and without the fear of fraud.

Why Digital India?

The 21st century is the century of Technology. The way the Industrial Revolution was powered by fuel, making oil-rich countries among the richest of countries, this century will be powered by data, digital data.

Data is the fuel that will power the new innovations. Data in analog form or in the form of paper is like the bull/horsepower that was being used at the beginning of the Industrial revolution.

As coal, steam, and ultimately liquid petroleum was found, the bullock cart transformed into supersonic jets and space crafts.

The same way the countries which will have the abundance of fuel in the form of digital data will be at the forefront of developing and consuming technological innovations that will rule the world.

How Digitization can help?

The concept of Digital India is not a stand-alone concept, it's an ecosystem.

The ecosystem consists of digital data, the Internet, and digital technology.

The digital data is the fuel for your vehicle, the Internet is the highway and digital technology is the thread connecting all to make a glittering necklace.

Eg: Digital data can be transferred/shared/accessed over the internet at superfast speed and with the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), best decision-making will be almost real-time hence helping to achieve new heights.

Digital India Portal

GOI has come up with a portal to make information available at fingertips. The official and only website is

Following are the other channels to connect with the Digital India initiative

Note: Do not fall prey to fake websites claiming themselves to be the Government website. Check the following as the first step:
  1. It should be an HTTPS site
  2. Government portals are mostly  in the ".gov" ".in" domain
  3. Check the office address mentioned on the portal, it should be one of the GOI ministry address.
  4. Read the About/Privacy policy to understand that the portal is not operated by a third party.
  5. Do not share your Aadhar/Pan card details or pay money unless you are very sure about the authenticity of the portal.
  6. Google about the portal eg <Portal name>+fraud to see if anyone has posted any review about it.

Digital India Logo

As per Quora, Digital India Logo was designed by Rana Bhowmik.

GOI conducted an open contest and this logo was selected from the entries received.

How is the Government promoting Digital India?

GOI has conducted many awareness programs, paid ads on TV and other media, etc.

The best way to promote awareness in schools and to get some out of box idea was to conduct a Digital India Essay competition in schools.

The Digital era is here, the country which is prepared for it will reap the benefit of it in the coming days.

Now I would like to know if you agree with digitization.

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