Digital Platforms | Everything you need to know (2021)

9 Digital platforms for 21st century


What is a Digital Platform?

A Platform is a base / designated place where all launches take place.

In Digital terms, its the technology base on top of which various ideas are built. For example, Facebook is built on web and mobile platforms.

Use of Digital Platform

In 21st century, everything is going to be digital. We are already experiencing Digital Shopping stores, Digital advertisements, Digital classrooms etc.

Anyone who is not on Digital platform in this era is going to extinct... like Dianosorous. 

Digital Platforms examples

Let's see a list of Digital Platforms that are fuelling this century.

Digital Platforms for Marketing

These are the platforms that are being extensively used for all sorts of marketing:


Experts believe Email marketing is the most powerful as it already has buyers who trust the seller. Get started with Email

2. Website: 

This is the Digital store, salesman, hoarding, and what not of current business. Any business worth its name has a website. Get started with a website

3. Facebook: 

FB, largely known as the social media platform is one of the biggest marketing places of current era. Get started with Facebook

4. YouTube: 

The video platform has its own niche of audience and marketing does not want to lose on it. Get Started with YouTube

5. Instagram: 

This is a social platform with millions of accounts. Any platform that has so many people using it is a marketing platform. Get started with IG

6. LinkedIn: 

This is more like a FB for Professionals and yes, it also fuels Digital marketing. Get started with LinkedIn

7. TikTok: 

Do not be surprised if you see youngsters making TikTok videos just to promote a brand. Delete TikTok account

8. Twitter: 

Anyone worth his name is on Twitter and Twitter marketing is a big thing. Get started with Twitter


This platform has made its own name in the image-sharing platform and attracts a lot of marketing budget. Get started with Pinterest

Digital Learning Platforms

Digital learning was growing at a study pace and Corona pandemic has given it the boost that it would have achieved after 10 years. 
As the saying goes- someone's loss is someone's gain

Following are the examples of some Digital Learning Platforms:

1. Udemy: One of the best digital learning platforms with an excellent support system.

2. BYJU: This platform is helping ShaRukh khan become smarter than 4th standard kid 😂

Conclusion: Digital platforms are there to stay, let it be for business, learning, social media, or anything else. So jump on the tide before it's too late.

Now I would like you to comment in the box below, which platforms are you planning to explore if not done already.

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