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What is a Domain?

A dictionary definition of the domain is "an area of territory owned or controlled by a ruler or government."

In terms of the Digital world, a domain name is the identity of your web presence i.e the unique name of your website.

Examples of Domain name:

What are subdomains?

Dictionary meaning of subdomain is "a subdivision of a domain"

A subdomain is a part of a bigger domain. It is a unique web address in itself but governed by its parent domain.

Subdomain Analogy: Let's say you own an apartment in a residential building. You are the owner of that apartment but still, you will have to follow the rules set by the residential building association. If the building is destroyed (for whatever reason), your apartment also gets destroyed.

Examples of sub Domains of a website:

Subdomain finder

A subdomain finder is a tool that allows you to find all the child domains of the main domain. It is an important step to gather information for a penetration test.
       Find subdomain

Subdomain takeover

A subdomain takeover is related to a security attack where an attacker takes control of the subdomain.

Is Subdomain free?

There are hosting platforms that provide free subdomains. This is done mostly for the marketing of their services.

Many big organizations add a subdomain to their main domains if the purpose or content of the subdomain is totally different from the main domain but they want to have their brand name associated with it.

Blogger is one of the free subdomain providers from Google, it provides sub-domains under

How many subdomains can I have?

As per Godaddy, one of the leading domain and hosting providers, you can create 500 subdomains under your domain.

If you want to create different free subdomains under let's say Blogspot or six, then there is no limit as per my knowledge.

How subdomains work

A subdomain works similar to a Domain as its a unique entity in itself.

Without going into technical details, when a user types a domain or subdomain URL, a lot happens at the backend but the correct page is served to the person.

Watch this video if you need to understand deeper

Subdomain pros and cons:

  1. In the case of a business, It is an extension of the existing domain hence maintains its authority.
  2. It is a very efficient way to organize all your business functions under one umbrella.
  1. If the main domain is facing an outage, chances are the subdomain will also go down depending on its setup, etc.

Subdomain FAQ:

1. How do Subdomain affect SEO?

Initially when internet was growing, subdomain did not make much difference in SEO.

Now with the current state of internet, the rules changed. A subdomain violets the rule of small url hence subdomains negatively impact SEO.

Subdomains definitely hurt SEO and impact is the low Google ranking.


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