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5G Technology- Every thing you ever need to know 

5G Technology

What is 5G?

5G is the fifth generation of cellular network technology which is supposed to be a huge improvement over its predecessor 4G.

Cellular technology or mobile technology have been named as generations, it started with 1G and at the time of writing this post, 5G is the latest buzz.

To give the whole thing a perspective, stepping back a few decades will be helpful.

0G or Land line: Not a cellular technology hence it does not qualify to be in any of the G's.

1st Generation or 1G: This was the first mobile which allowed you to call a person and unlike landline which allowed you to call a location i.e a home or office number. This allowed people to be connected while on move.

2nd Generation or 2G: This allowed sending text messages along with calling a person.

3rd Generation or 3G: It allowed you to connect to internet. This lead to the beginning of mobile apps.

4th Generation or 4G: This brought live streaming to your cell phone.

5th Generation or 5G: At the time of writing this post, 5G is still in very nascent stage but is definitely a must have technology. This will usher in the era of self driving cars, real time games and entertainment, hologram and many more.

6th Generation or 6G and beyond: As the cellular technology keeps on evolving, 6G will be the next in line, I will cover cross this bridge once technology is there.

5G Mobile

The cell or mobile phone which support 5G network and its features are called 5G mobile. To make things simpler, mobile phones are made backward compatible i.e 5G mobile phones will also support 4G.

At the time of writing this post, Samsung and LG have come up with 5G phones.
Jio (Reliance Jio), a Digital giant from India is on the verge of introducing cheapest 5G hand sets in India market. Jio have collaborated with Google, Facebook, Qualcom and many other technology giants to develop its "Made in India" 5G platform.

5G Technology

Cellular companies started working on 4G's successor in the year 2019 to overcome the limitations of 4G namely Speed and latency.

To make it very simple, 5G technology works on high frequency radio waves at short distance unlike 4G which works on low frequency radio waves hence long distances.

5G Network

Due to the distance restriction, setting up 5G infrastructure is more costly as it needs many signal towers per kilometre. It needs more transmitting towers as compared to 4G

5G Speed

This fifth generation cellular technology should be providing speed in the range of 50Mbps to over GB based on different variables.

5G iPhone

Apple is taking its own time in coming up with a phone that supports 5G. As per rumors, iPhone 12 will support this but will come with a big price tag. For now, lets just wait and watch.

5G phones list

Major cell manufacturing companies except Apple have already come up with mobile phones that support 5G. Samsung, LG, OnePlus, Motarola are alredy trying to make the first providers advantage.

5G vs 4G

The way 4G revolutionized live streaming of video and music, 5G will come with its own "wow moments"

4G will stay for many more years as 5G technology matures and its adaption rate increases. Few may say 5G is better suited for IoT's or machine to machine  communication, I am sure entrepnaurs will come out with mind boggling apps that will suck in more humans than machines...

5G in India

India have emerged as one of the biggest market for Digital business and consumers. Jio is pioneering 5G in India and is all set to be one of the biggest player not only in India but world wide.

Jio, with its "Made in India" 5G solution have partnered with Qualcomm, Google to come up with its 5G supportes hardware and software solutions.

It have also partnered with Facebook to develop apps for it platforms along with Google.

Use of 5G

This fifth generation technology will open the opportunities to bring si-fi into reality.

Following are few usages:
  1. Self driven car: With a latency of 1second and ability to communicate with thousands of device around it, we can soon see self driven cars communicating with traffic lights, cars and objects around it, traffic snarls will soon be a thing of past.
  2. Innovation in Medical: Imagine a specialist surgeon sitting  sitting thousands of miles away performing surgery with the help of robots and other specialists in the Operation theater to support it.
  3. Online Shopping: This is a reality but still people go to brick and mortar stores to view the item the intend to buy just to look at it from all angles. Soon you will be able to hold a virtual item and will be able to view it as if it was right there in your hand from the comfort of your home.
  4. Virtual war: This is far fetched, but now that since everything is going online, why should war between countries be in person? Have you heard "wars are fought and won in mind?" Why not put it in practicality? With virtual reality and real time experience, soldiers can fight a virtual war on the digital terrain mocking the actual terrain without a drop of blood being spilled or a single bullet fired? 
  5. Teleportation: The actual person may not be able to teleport yet, but his hologram will be able to be available at any place supported by this technology.


5G is here to stay and you will definitely see its power in coming days.

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