Best 5G phones under Rs.10000

 Looking for a budget 5G mobile phone?

As the world is gearing up to welcome 5G network, you may want to be among the first to lay your hands on the device that will help you experience the power of 5G.


"With every new technology comes great cost"- sounds familiar? ☺

Its true, the reason being the initial investment that goes into it. Once its accepted and  production starts then the cost goes down.

At the time of writing this post, 5G technology itself is in evolving phase but good for the Indian market, Jio have come up with its own 5G implementation.

Samsung 5G phones

Jio plans to start rolling out this to consumers in the year 2021 along with the Jio 5G phone and many other gadegates.

Jio is committed to provide cheap and good quality mobile phones to its consumers and have already collaborated with Qualcomm and Google to create custom low cost handsets and Operating system that will make the most of it.

At present, Apple, Samsung and many Chinese companies have come up with mobile phones that supports 5G but as mentioned earlier, these are very costly at the moment.

Jio is targeting a price tag of around Rs.5000 but do not be surprised if its initial cost is around Rs.10000 and later dips lower.

So "Wait and watch" is the name of the game if you are looking for a budget 5G smart phone!! Stay tuned!

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