Best smartphone under Rs5000


Looking for a smartphone but are tight on budget? 

Don't worry, here are few options that will make you owner of a good smartphone without breaking your bank!! I recommend two smartphones that will cost you Rs.5000 or less from the world class companies!!


Smartphone market are flooded with Android and iOS smartphones. There are some windows based smartphones as well but it has not made it big yet.

One thing is clear, if you are looking for a brand new smartphone under Rs.5000, iOS is not an option. You may have to buy a re-furbished/ pre owned iPhone.

Android phones are your go to phones if pre owned phones are out of question for you.

Samsung is among the leaders in smart phones world over. It started with making parts for other smartphone brands and later came up into its own range of smartphones.

If anyone can give smartphones at really competitive price, it's Samsung. This South Korean electronics giant has left China far behind when it comes to Quality smart phones!!

Samsung Galaxy M01 Core comes with 1GB Ram and 16GB storage space.

You get a display of 5.30 inch and a front camera of 5 mega pixel, rear camera of 8 megapixel.

With a battery capacity of 3000mAh, you may have to charge it quite frequently if you are a heavy mobile user.

You will have to spend Rs.5000 to get this one in your pocket. With the amazon discounts, exchange offers and immediate discounts on some of the credit and debit cards, this baby is all yours to have in less than 5k INR!!

Check out the Samsung Galaxy M series price on Amazon

Not a Samsung fan?? Check out this other smartphone costing less than Rs.5000.

Panasonic have been famous for its electronics but it is not very popular in mobile segment. This electronics giant is from Japan, the one country which can give any manufacturer a real run for their money!!
Panasonic Eluga i7 configuration is good to give other costlier phones a run for their money.With 2GB Ram and 16 GB of storage, it could not get better.
It has a 5.45inch display and both front and back cameras are 8 mega pixels.
With a battery of 4000mAh, you may need to charge it frequently if you are a heavy user.

Check out the price on  Amazon

The discounts and other rebates on this one as well if you buy it from Amazon!!

Smartphones does not have to be very costly, and of course it need not be manufactured in China!!
With these two phone models anyone should be able to afford a good smartphone.

Do let me know in the comment section below if you bought any of these phones.

Note: These are my Amazon affiliate links and I may get some commission from Amazon without bumping up your cost price of the product.

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