DigitalUnlocked| All you need to know in 21st century[2022]

DigitalUnloack is a collection of posts that cover everything you will ever need to know about Digital.

The step by step actionable items provided in this post along with very relatable stories from the real world will take you to a different level of understanding.

This can well be the bible for your Digital Journey!

It starts with letting you know in a very simple language what Digital is, demystify the myth around it and get you comfortable to set your step in this Digital world along with helping you select your digital platform.


The second post will help you understand the Digital platform you selected for yourself, either for making yourself a brand or branding your business.

In this, you will learn all the tips and tricks related to your identified platform.


 Now that you have mastered Digital technologies, the next step is how to use this knowledge to start earning some money!!

Isn't it amazing, from a Digital Novice to a Digital Master & earning money as well!!


 Once you start making some money from what you learned, the next step is to earn "more money". This post will guide you on how to increase the traffic on your Digital platform. 

More traffic equals More Money!!

 Marketing has always been a major driver for earning more, with Digital Marketing learn how to advertise only to your potential customers!!


Now I would like to know from you, which Digital Platform you selected for yourself. Leave your comments in the box below.

Keep learning with DigitalMitr

Note: Google has also started Digital Unlocked for India. It's the same course which Google offers by the name of Digital Garage for UK audience.

You just need to fill in simple details about yourself or you can log in using your Google account.

It provides you with a free certification from Google once you have completed all the lessons and passed the online exam.

Become a certified Digital Marketer for free!!

Difference between DigitalMitr Digital course and Google's Digital Unlock

I will not go into the Brand value etc but will list down one single point which is also a very crucial differentiator- Google gives all theory, which is very good for clearing the fundamentals but no practical tips.

DigitalMitr gives Theory (in the form of simple stories for better understanding) along with practical simple step by step DIY!!
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