Grammarly Review: Get Grammarly for Free [2022]

Ever since I started blogging, I felt a need for a tool that would help me with spelling and grammar. 

We all are quite familiar with this feature in MS Word, but what if we had to write on a web page?

Do we first write it in MS Word and then copy-paste it? that's not very convenient.

The search ended with Grammarly!

    What is Grammarly?

    It is an online tool that provides many functionalities the most basic being spelling & grammar check on any medium you type like on the web or a word processer.

    I have been using the free version of Grammarly for some time now for my blog writing. 

    If English is not your first language, this free tool is going to be a lifesaver for you.

    Grammarly for word

    If you feel that the functionalities provided by MS Word are not good enough and want to use Grammarly on word, you need to download install free Office add-in.


    During installation, it will ask if you want for both Word and Outlook. Based on your requirement, choose your option.

    After installing the add-in, it will pop up a confirmation box where you need to select "Start using Grammarly".

    Open a word document. You will see an "Open Grammarly" button on the ribbon. On clicking the icon, it will ask you to login in Grammarly account and you are all set with Grammarly with word!!

    As you start typing, Grammarly will prompt in case of any corrections.

    Grammarly for Outlook

    As mentioned above, if you select outlook as the option while installing, it will present a button on the OL ribbon from where you can start using Grammarly features.

    Grammarly for Windows


    If you want to use Grammarly by installing it on your system i.e as a Windows program, Download Grammarly for Windows from the website.

    Click on installation, once done it will ask to login to your Grammarly account.

    Enter your credentials and click on Signon. It will pop up a message confirming to enable it or not.


    Now you can access this from your system. Type your text in the editor and it will do the corrections.

    Grammarly Plagiarism Checker

    Plagiarism is the act of copying another person's work and presenting it as their own.

    Grammarly premium has this excellent feature of checking plagiarism. It verifies your content against thousands of websites and pops up a score showing if your article will be considered plagiarism.

    Grammarly Online

    It is an online tool that makes use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to keep on updating itself.

    Grammarly login

    You can use Grammarly without login but then many of the features like saving your doc on the cloud will not be available.


    You can log in either by your Facebook or Google or Apple or Email account.

    For login by Email account, You will have to register, for other options, it will directly let you in.

    Grammarly App

    Grammarly App is also known as Grammarly Keyboard is available on both Android & iOS.

    Grammarly Extension Chrome

    Want to use Grammarly on all your online content while working on your laptop? This is the best option for you.


    This is the easiest option in case you use Chrome for your all online work.

    This is a simple extension that will kick in (if you have installed it) as you start typing (check your settings if this is not happening).

    From Grammarly, click on Chrome extension, it will open Chrome extension settings and quickly install the extension.

    The same is the case with the Grammarly Firefox extension.

    Grammarly Pricing


    Grammarly is available in three flavors- Free, Premium, and Business.

    You can try out the free version first to see your comfort level.

    The free version provides only Grammar, Spelling, and punctuation.

    Paid versions have a ton lot of features!! Use the link below to try it out.


    1. Is Grammarly safe?

    A: Grammarly has established itself as a brand. One of the prime objectives of any Online tool is data safety and security. Without it, Grammarly will have to close its business.

    2. Is Grammarly worth it for college students?

    A. A tool which helps increase productivity and reduce error is definitely worth it. It's like using a calculator instead of manually doing the maths. College students can definitely improve their project value by utilizing the power of Grammarly.

    3. Does Grammarly work on Mac?

    A. Yes, Grammarly works seamlessly on Mac and Windows.

    4. Does Grammarly work on Google Docs?

    A. You can use the browser extension to use Grammarly on Google Docs.

    Check out this video to see a live demo on how to use Grammarly


    My verdict-Grammarly is definitely one of the must-have tools. The premium version is worth its cost and the free version is also powerful enough for people who do not want to invest money in their initial days.

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