How To Install Yoast SEO Plugin In Blogspot|SEO Plugin For Blogger [2022]

In this post I will share the only way you can use Yoast SEO Plugin For BlogSpot(Blogger).

Note: These tips can be used on any hosting. 

The term blogger and blogspot are used interchangeably in this post.

How to install Yoast SEO Plugin in BlogSpot(Blogger)?

You can use Yoast in Blogger but you cannot install it!!
1. Install WordPress on your local laptop/desktop.
2. Install the Yoast plugin in this local instance of WP
3.Write a post in WordPress and then copy-paste it in blogger or the other way round.
4.I prefer writing in Blogger and pasting in WP else you will have to do a lot of formatting in Blogspot

Keep on reading if you like this solution. I have covered step by step on how to implement it. I have ranked a few of my posts on the first page of Google and Bing using these techniques

Basically, a plugin is used to automate the task. Those tasks can also be done manually but it will be time-consuming and prone to human errors, hence Plugins have gained popularity.

Plugins are small programs or codes that are written to automate a task. 

Keep on reading to know how to use SEO plugin for Blogspot and other hacks to rank on search engines.

    What is Yoast?

    Yoast is one of the most recommended plugins for SEO. Its free version comes with limited but important functionality with WordPress.

    What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

    SEO is the technique to rank higher in Google search and get more organic traffic.

    Note: Make sure to submit your website on Google console after publishing it.

    Depending on the competition, your blog may start appearing in search results after 3-5 days. Check Google console for the page ranking.

    Yoast Blog: Yoast & Blog are tightly coupled with each other. Most bloggers use this plugin to improve their SEO. Yoast is a plugin for WordPress.

    SEO with Yoast 

    Yoast SEO plugin (Free version) provides important suggestions like:

    SEO suggestions:

    1. SEO friendly title length
    2. Optimized meta description
    3. Internal links presence/absence
    4. Key phrase in subheadings
    and many more...

    Readability suggestions:

    1. Passive voice optimization
    2. Optimal paragraph length
    3. Correct sentence length
    and many more...

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    SEO plugin for Blogger(BlogSpot) : 

    Even though Yoast for Blogger is not an integrated solution yet,(in fact Blogspot does not provide any plugin) keep on reading the hack on how to utilize Yoast SEO in Blogger #YoastSeoBlogspot.

    Installing Yoast SEO plugin in BlogSpot is not possible at the time of writing this article but that does not mean you can not use it.

    There are many blogs suggesting to get free hosting to use Yoast Search Engin Optimization (SEO) plugin, I tried it but Yoast did not work on it, for whatever reason.

    In this post, I will show you how to use the Yoast plugin in Blogspot without buying or subscribing to any hosting!! 

    Also, I will be sharing the blogspot SEO tips (no SEO plugin needed)that worked for me. I was able to rank multiple posts on the first page of Google and Bing search engine.

    I have been using this technique for my blog for some time now, initially, it was a bit cumbersome but now it has become a habit.

    Free hosting on Blogger with the power of Yoast SEO plugin, that also free- Life could not get any better, what do you say? 😇

    Keep in mind, Blogspot SEO plugin is a myth!!

    How to install Yoast SEO in Blogspot(Blogger)?

    You can use Yoast in Blogger but you cannot install it!!
    1. Install WordPress on your local laptop/desktop.
    2. Install the Yoast plugin in this local instance of WP
    3. Write a post in WordPress and then copy-paste it in blogger or the other way round. 

    I prefer writing in Blogger and pasting in WP else you will have to do a lot of formatting in Blogspot.

    How to install WordPress on Windows 10?

    1. Browse to the Bitnami website and download the installer as per your Operating system
    2. Start the installation process
    3. When you reach the screen "Create Admin Account", enter your details. The password entered here will be used to login to your WP site.
    4. Once the installation is done, click on "Access WordPress"
    5. You can also access it by typing localhost/WordPress/login on your browser.
    6. Log in using the details entered in step3.

    Watch this video for step by step process to install WP on a local system.

    Now that you have WP installed on your local system, it's just a matter of installing the free plugins that come with WP, remember no SEO plugin for Blogspot!!

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    How to install Yoast SEO plugin?

    1. Log in to the WP website, either local or on a hosted platform.
    2. Click on "Plugins" from the left navigation
    3. Search for "Yoast SEO"
    4. It's free, so go ahead and install
    5. Just installing is not enough, you will have to activate it as well before using it.

    Watch this video to Install and use Yoast. The installation is the same, let it be on a hosting environment or your local box.

    Yoast alternative for Blogspot(Blogger):

    Why look for Yoast alternative for blogspot when you can actually use the tool? Manual SEO is possible but it comes with its own risk of manual errors and omissions. The tool is very consistent and within a jiffy, you will know the shortfalls in your post.

    Having said that, it would be really helpful for Blogspot users if any SEO plugin or for that matter any kind of other plugins are available in Blogspot.

    Google - are you hearing me 😀

    How do subdomains affect SEO?

    Do subdomains hurt SEO? Different people have different views on this but if you are a new blogger, The answer is a big YES for you.

    There are cases where subdomain will add value but those are very specific cases.

    Reasons? To start with, the subdomain makes the URL long, which is a negative point for SEO.

    Secondly, if you use a subdomain, it's more likely that you are hosting on a free host which in turn negatively affects SEO due to its speed problem and other limitations.

    Blogspot (Blogger) SEO

    Simple tips to rank your Blogspot(Blogger) article

    Blogspot SEO plugin or for that matter any plugin (free or paid) is not available in Blogspot. That does not mean your post will not rank in Google. The following section takes care of the absence of Yoast SEO in Blogspot!!

    Follow these simple steps for On-page SEO for blogger #BlogspotSEOTips:

    1.Make sure the keyword/phrase you want to rank for is in the URL as is. eg: If you are targeting "Blogspot SEO", your URL should be "Blogspot-SEO" and not SEO-Blogspot or anything else.

    2.Your first paragraph, preferable first words in a paragraph should have the same keyword as is.

    3.Start the description with the same keyword, as is.

    4.Your title is visible on the search page, make sure it is interesting enough for someone to click. Eg: "Blogspot SEO- Guaranteed result" sounds more appealing than just "Blogspot SEO"

    5.The heading of your post (when a user clicks your post from search results) should be very appealing & attention-grabbing. Eg: "3 steps to get your page ranked" assures the reader that it's not a lengthy article and will deliver what he is looking for.

    6.Make sure the heading of your post is H1 (Major heading in new blogger). This is what you write in the Title section of Blogspot.

    Also, ensure that there is only one H1, rest all the headings should be H2 or H3

    7.Your last paragraph should also have your exact keyword/phrase.

    8.Leave links to your other articles on each of your post, it helps not only your other articles but also makes google bot assume your current article very thorough.

    9. Add a Table of Content at the beginning of your post so that reader can easily navigate to the required section.

    10. Add FAQ Schema. Google has implemented it in its own pages, if it finds the same on your pages it will boost it!

    Settings in Blogspot (Blogger) to improve SEO

    "Enable Search Description" by going to Settings->Meta Tags -> Switch on the toggle button if not already done. 

    This will enable an additional section in your post area where you can enter the search criteria that your post should rank for.

    Also, make sure you enter a brief about your blog in the "Search description" link just below the toggle button mentioned in the point above.


    Another setting that will help your article rank is "Crawlers and Indexing"

    You can read Google article on Crawling and Indexing if you need to understand these else just do the following settings & you are good to go.

    In settings, scroll to the "Crawlers and Indexing" section
    Let "Enable custom robots.txt" toggle off
    Make sure to switch on "Enable custom robots header tags" as per the screen below


    Under it, select the settings as per the screen below"
       For "Home page tags" and "Post and page tags" select the following settings


    For "Archive and search page tags" select settings as per the screen below as you do not want your archived contents to appear in Google search


    Steps for Off-page SEO for blogspot (blogger):

    1. Create a Reddit account and contribute to the discussion related to your keyword. 
    2. Give constructive comments on your competitor's blog which is ranking high. Avoid just dropping links without providing any value.
    3. Create a Facebook page, Instagram, and other social media account and share your blog there.

    Mistakes that negatively impacts Blogspot (Blogger) SEO or any hosting SEO

    Short articles: Do not be in a hurry to post your article. Do thorough research and add some value/unique ideas to it.

    Spelling & Grammar mistakes: With so many free and paid tools available, no one expects spelling & Grammar mistakes.

    Fluff in the article: Do not write long and complex sentences to increase the blog length.

    Free Check for Plagiarism

    How much time it will take for my blog to rank?

    Depending on the SEO difficulty of your blog, it may take anywhere around 3months to 12 months for your article to rank in Google. Do not just give up after a few days, it takes time to rank on Google.

    Ranking on Bing will be much faster if you follow the first three steps mentioned above.


    1.What is Yoast SEO for Blogspot(Blogger)?

    A: Yoast is an SEO plugin for WordPress and is not available in Blogspot out of the box. You will have to do some workaround to use it in Blogspot.

    2. What is the Blogspot(Blogger) SEO plugin?

    A: Blogspot does not provide any plugin, including SEO. You have to do it manually.

    3. What is Yoast SEO for Blogger(Blogspot)?

    A: Yoast is an SEO plugin for WordPress and is not available in Blogger out of the box. You will have to do some workaround to use it in Blogger.

    4. How to do SEO for Blogspot (Blogger)?

    A: You can do On-page and Off-page SEO for Blogspot. Steps are mentioned in the post above.

    5. How to do on-page SEO on Blogspot (Blogger)?

    A: You can do On-page SEO for Blogspot. Steps are mentioned in the post above.

    6. How to use Yoast SEO without WordPress?

    A: You can use Yoast SEO without WordPress, steps are explained in the post above.

    7. What is Yoast SEO for PHP Website?

    A: Yoast SEO for all websites are same, you will have to figure out how to use it for PHP website. I have explained with an example for Blogspot, a similar approach can be taken for PHP websites.

    8. Yoast SEO for Bootstrap

    A: Bootstrap is a CSS framework primarily used for UI. Yoast SEO does not consider UI, it focuses on Title, word count, keyword density, etc. Hence these two are not related.

    9. Yoast SEO for HTML

    A: HTML is used for creating UI. Yoast SEO does not consider UI, it focuses on Title, word count, keyword density, etc. Hence these two are not related.

    10. Is Yoast SEO plugin free?

    A: Yoast SEO does offer a free version with limited functionality but the paid version is much powerful.

    11. Why should a blogger focus on SEO?

    A: SEO ensures that blogger's content is optimized to appear higher in the search result. Unless you don't care about ranking your post, you need to focus on SEO.

    Conclusion: So how was it? Do you now agree that Yoast SEO for Blogspot can be used in Blogger even though it cannot be installed?

    Do comment if you are aware of any Blogspot SEO plugin. 

    Comment in the box below if you found these blogger SEO tips useful.

    Read more informative and practical posts on Blogspot on Everything you need to know about Blogspot


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