My Experience with Blogspot AdSense Approval [2022]

Got AdSense approval on Blogspot!!

Yes, the BlogSpot blog can get AdSense approval. I got mine in around 10months. 

I am a new blogger and made many mistakes in the beginning but was able to get it!!

Keep reading if you want to know my journey


The beginning...

I have been looking for the kind of work where I will be my own boss. After watching many videos on YouTube, reading various posts, I decided to give Blogging a try.

In spite of listening and reading so many testimonials, there was something in the back of my head that was not convinced to pump in the money needed for Domain and Hosting.

So I took the "free-way" to Blog- I started with Blogspot.

I got myself a BlogSpot subdomain (free from Blogger) and started writing my blogs.

I had one thing very clear in my mind- my blog should talk about only one niche/topic. 

I had made the mistake in my YouTube channel of creating videos that covered all the topics under the sun, so I did not repeat that mistake with my blog.

First rejection

I started with one of the Blogspot themes but did not like it much do downloaded a free theme from one of the various providers.

After writing 10-12 posts which hardly had any traffic, I applied for AdSense that got rejected.

Ray of hope

I read more blogs, watched more videos, and started updating my content by adding images, internal links, went on Quora and Reddit, replied to the queries related to my topic.

After around 6 months and 18 posts, my posts started appearing in Google search results.

Course correction

Excited, I started updating my content with the keywords for which Google had listed me (my post was appearing on the 5-6th page of Google).

Tip: You can get this data from Google Console.

I kept on updating content that was getting ranked along with writing new posts.

Doing SEO on Blogspot was one of the challenges that I overcame by using the free version of the Yoast Plugin.

Check this post on how to use Yoast on Blogspot

I also installed a free version of Grammarly that helped me a lot by capturing spelling and grammar mistakes as I typed.

Soon one of my posts started appearing on the first page of Google!!

Second rejection and then success!!

Excited, I again applied for AdSense and again got rejected...

I started looking for the reason for rejection and made the following changes to my blog:

1. Add a custom domain to Blogspot. The cheapest domain is available on NameCheap

2. Get a custom email id with your domain name in it eg:

You can add an alias on your Gmail id and make it look like this. If you buy domain from Google Domain, this will be a free service for you.

Else you can create one free on Zoho, watch this video for step by step guide

3.Use this custom mail id to apply for Adsense

4. Make sure your blog is getting around 100 visitors daily, organically before applying.

5. Create pages like About, Terms and conditions, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer. 

About page should be exhaustive, add your photo as well along with your Facebook, Linked profile.

After making all these changes, I applied again within 10 days of the last rejection, and this time it went through!!

I was also toying with the idea of buying a hosting but luckily the approval came and I am continuing on Blogger with a custom domain.

Note: This blog (DigitalMitr) has very few visitors, hence Google did not give AdSense on this. 

I am trying to monetize this blog as well using my other Adsense and it's under review with Google.


Yes, you can get your Blogspot monetized with Adsense.

I was not able to get it using the Blogspot subdomain.

In fact, getting Adsense approved on your custom domain is more advantageous as you can use it on your other Blogs as well. 

The same is not true with your Blogspot subdomain Adsense approval as you get a hosted Adsense approval and not a fully approved AdSense i.e you can only use it on Blogspot hosting.

Read more about Blogspot on Everything You need to Know about Blogspot 

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