How To Find A Profitable Niche [2022]

3 simple steps to find a profitable niche

    1. List down topics that you are passionate about.
    2. Check if there is enough search volume for the topic of your choice
    3. Test your niche
    Easier said than done? Not exactly, keep on reading to find the simple step by step procedure to get your niche.

    Niche Meaning?

    Niche is the specific topic or specific skill on which you will be creating your content, let it be a blog or YouTube channel or affiliate marketing.

    What is a Niche Market?

    A set of audiences who are interested in a particular topic is a niche market.

    Following are a few niche examples of a niche for your reference:

    1. Health
    2. Travel
    3. Cooking
    4. Entertainment
    5. Technology

    How to get a comprehensive list of Niche?

    1. Visit Amazon site specific to your target country.
    2. Click on All dropdown on the search box
    3. It will list all the possible niche which people are buying.
    First step: Select the topic you are passionate about from this list.

    It is important that you find a topic that has high search volume but low completion. The examples mentioned above are very broad and it's difficult to rank on it for newcomers.

    It is recommended for newcomers to find a micro niche i.e very specific topic to start creating their content.

    What is micro-niche?

    A specific part or area of the niche is called a micro-niche. It is a subset of a much bigger picture,

    Few micro-niche examples are:

    1. Weight loss for working men in the age of 30-45
    2. Tourist attractions in Mumbai which no one talks about
    3. Snacks for fasting

    Steps to find low competition niche

    1. A simple way to identify a niche/keyword is to ask yourself- Can I write 35-40 posts on this topic or create as many numbers of videos?
    2. If the answer is a Yes, check the existing competition for that topic else go to the next one.

    How to find low competitive keyword

    There are many paid tools to do the research for a keyword of your interest but for now, let's stick to free tools.

    The best way to do it for free is by looking for it on Ubersuggest

    Select the country for which you are targeting the blog/website from the dropdown.


    Type your keyword and press the search button.

    It will give you the search volumes for that niche and under SD you will find the difficulty level of that keyword.

    Anything less than 15 is a good bet. Identify this difficulty score for your list and finalize a niche.

    Second step: Check the volume of the search using the steps mentioned above.

    The volumes displayed in the tool is per month. Make sure you target a keyword with at least 1000 searches per day else earning money will be difficult.

    In case you are not able to find high volume keywords, look for multiple key words that are similar to what your target is. Add up all the search volumes and you are all set to Go!!

    Note: If you are very passionate about a specific niche/keyword,  then do not get deterred by the difficulty level, there are ways to grow in competition, the only thing is it may take a bit more time to earn your first dollar from your blog!!

    Step Three: Test your niche

    Write articles making sure all the key words are adequately covered without stuffing keywords. It will make your article "non reader friendly" 

    Check the performance of your article in Google Console. It may take 3-5months for your articles to rank in Google.

    Update your articles by including the search you are getting (again Google Console will help)

    If you are getting your targeted volumes, your niche passed the test else repeat the process again.


    How to know if a niche is good for me?

    In spite of following all the advice, the only way to be sure if a niche will earn money for you or not is to test it out.

    It's very unlikely that you may find your profitable niche in the first iteration itself. Keep on experimenting with various micro-niche till you find the one working for you.

    How to find a trending niche? 

    It makes sense to select a niche that is currently trending and is more likely to have an upward trend in the future as well.

    Go to Google Trends, select the country you are targeting and search for your niche.

    An upward trending graph is the one you would like to settle for.

    Do check this video to get another perspective on getting niche.

    Conclusion: A good niche could make or break your earning potential. It may take some time to find the one which is profitable for you. 

    Do not give up, keep on working on multiple keywords till you find the one that is profitable for you.

    Now that you have identified your niche, the next step is to either create a website or a YouTube channel to start making money from it!!

    Now I would like to hear from you, which niche did you finalize and which platform did you select. Comment in the box below and I will send you tips specific to your choice.

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