Guide To Implement FAQ Schema On Blogspot|Blogger FAQ Schema [2022]

    Implement the latest on page SEO hack in your Blogspot and start ranking higher in Google.

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    What is FAQPage Schema?


    Have you noticed "People Also Ask" or "Q&A on Google"?

    That is the Google's way to understand FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

    You may have content written in Question Answers format but google will consider it FAQ only if this particular schema is associated with it.

    How to implement FAQPage schema in Blogger?

    We all know, for any customization in Blogger you need to have coding knowledge.

    You need to understand HTML, JScript etc else it may be bit difficult to customize blogger.

    So if you are not scared when you look at the jumbled up html code in your theme Edit HTML, you cleared the first step.

    PS: If you are scared but still need this customization, contact me, I will do it for you at a reasonable price.

    Steps to implement FAQSchema in Blogger:

    2. Copy your questions and answers in the respective sections of this page


    3. Click on "Add another FAQ" if you have multiple questions & answers to be part of this schema.

    4. Click on Copy FAQ Schema button.

    5. Go to your Blogger and open your post in HTML view


    6. Paste the code just beside the </div> or </span> of your last answer.


    7. Save the post

    8. Copy your post's url and paste it in Google Rich Results test tool and hit enter (make sure you have selected url option not code option)


    9. If the schema is correctly applied, it will show success.


    Note: In case of failure, repeat the above steps carefully by clearing what ever changes you have made.



    1. Will FAQPage schema help me rank higher?

    Yes, FAQPage schema is what Google is promoting and any blog that have implemented it will see favorable results on Google.

    2. Can FAQPage schema implemented on Blogger?

    Yes, FAQpage Schema can be implemented on Blogger, Wordpress.

    Implementing latest Google changes in your blog will help you rank higher. Do these changes before the established website and stand a good chance to beat them to the top!!

    Do comment and let me know if you were able to implement FAQPage Schema on your blogger.

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