Best Laptop for Graphic Design [2022]

My personal choice for any windows based laptop for Graphic Design are HP and Lenovo.

Both are great companies and manufacture the best of the laptops.

Having identified the best companies will give you peace of mind that you are investing in a good quality hardware.

Depending on the purpose of laptop, the configuration will change.

Here we are talking about Graphic Design. Any Graphic related tasks will need:

1. A fast Central Processing Unit (CPU)

Ever since CPU came into existence, in my opinion it has never been a bottleneck for any type of task. 

A CPU is the fastest component in a laptop so if you are not opting for an outdated CPU, you can rest assured that it will not create any problem in the work you do.

2. High Random Access Memory (RAM)

On the other hand, having a high RAM is highly recommended as this is one component that is over utilized most of the time.

3. A good Graphic card

This is needed if you are looking for enhanced graphics (definitely needed for Video Games, Video Editing and of course Graphic Design.

Once you have looked into these three options, and selected a good manufacturer, you can rest assured that you are going for an excellent machine.

My recommendation for you will be 

Lenovo IdeaPad and HP Pavilion, both come with 16GB RAM and NVIDIA Graphic card

The SSD hard disk makes your laptop much faster and reliable as compared to the traditional HDD hard disks.

Here is the comparison table for the two laptops, in case you need more details.

Brand Lenovo HP
Color Onyx Black Black
Screen Display Size 15.6 inches 15.6 inches
Processor Ryzen 7 Intel i7
Price Check on Amazon Check on Amazon
Graphics NVIDIA GeForce NVIDIA

Unless you specifically want an Intel or are a HP fan, Go for Lenovo for the best bang for money.

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