How To Connect JioFi To Desktop Without WiFi [2022]

You can connect JioFi with your Desktop in following ways:

1. Connect desktop to internet using USB :

Connect JioFi with its USB charging cable and connect the other end to USB port of your Desktop.

Make sure JioFi is swithced on.

The WiFi icon will change to cabled connection. It means you are now connected to Internet.

2. Connect wi-fi dongle/adaptor to your desktop

Using this dongle, you can make your desktop wi-fi enabled and can connect to any wi-fi or hot spot.

2. Add wi-fi card to you desktop

Just like you attach any other card in your desktop, you can attach a wi-fi card as well in the motherboard slot provided your mother board supports it.


Now a days the difference between laptop and desktop is shrinking. Wi-fi is one thing that was missing from desktops, now even that problem is solved.

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