Why Is My Left Airpod Not Working [2022]

Read this Step by step Guide to solve  Right|Left Airpod Not Working problem.

First make sure what the issue is i.e. is the voice very low or there is no voice at all.

Low voice could mean:

Volume set to low. This one looks most obvious but is one of the possibility so lets know it off first.

Dust in the Airpod mic:

Clean the Airpod with a soft, dry lint free cloth. You can also use 70% isopropyl alcohol wipe or Colorox disinfecting wipes.

Do not immerse Airpod in water or cleaning agent

Watch this video on how to properly clean Airpods without damaging it.

Airpod not fully charged

Drained batteries or low battery charge on your left Airpod could lead it to disconnect while the Right one keeps working. 

Are you using you Left Airpod more than your right one?

Audio balance not set correctly

Check you Apple device if Audio is set to balance. Incorrect setting may mean low or no sound from one of the Airpod.

Pair again with your device (Soft Reset)

Go to the device settings -> Bluetooth and tap on Forget this device at the bottom.

Hard Reset your AirPods

Check the device instructions manual on how to reset your AirPods, most of the time its done by holding the button on the case for around 15 seconds.

Restart your Device:

Sometime the problem could be your device. Just give it a final shot by re-starting your device.

Watch the exact steps to solve the Left Airpod problem in the video below.


Hope these simple steps helped you solve the Left Airpot Not working problem.

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