Best Gaming Laptop Under 70000 [2022]

My choice for a Gaming Laptop is HP or Lenovo.

Both are reputed names in the Laptop and Desktop industry.

Best Laptops under 50k In India, 2022

Believe me, brand does matter when things go south. It will give you peace of mind that you have spent your money wisely.

When it comes to Gaming Laptop, by default our need is for a multitasking CPU, High RAM and of course best visuals. In short we are looking for:

1. A fast Central Processing Unit (CPU)

CPU should be optimized for multitasking along with an Operating system that can take full advantage of the power of CPU.

2. High Random Access Memory (RAM)

New games are very high memory consumers. Along with high RAM, gaming laptops need more efficient RAM

3. A good Graphic card

Now a days games is all about amazing graphics. To fully enjoy the mind boggling graphics of the games, make sure you have a special Graphic card.

Once these three recommendations are taken care of, and selected a good brand, you are ready for your mean machine.

I highly recommend Lenovo IdeaPad and HP Pavilion,  with 16GB RAM and NVIDIA Graphic card these are the best bang for your money.

The SSD hard disk instead of the traditional magnetic HDD hard disks ensures the latency between data transfer is minimal.

Let's jump into the comparison of the two Best Gaming Laptop under Rs.70,000 that Team DigitalMitr recommends:

Brand Lenovo HP
Color Onyx Black Black
Screen Display Size 15.6 inches 15.6 inches
Processor Ryzen 7 Intel i7
Price Check on Amazon Check on Amazon
Graphics NVIDIA GeForce NVIDIA
RAM 16 GB 16 GB

HP may be a tad costly but Lenovo will not disappoint you at all.

Gaming laptops are high end laptops and can be used for CPU and memory intensive tasks as well.

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