Google Recommends Ideas For Your Blog [2022]

Google has introduced a beta version of Ideas- This is like Question hub from Google, except that here Google suggest you the unanswered questions on Blogger instead of you login to Question hub to search for questions.

This is still in BETA phase and some of the bloggers saw it appear in June 2020 itself.

It is Google's decision to whom it should be visible, they are picking up their Beta testers !!

This is available only for Blogpost/Blogger.

It shows a list of unanswered questions on Google related to your niche.

You can create content on these questions and Google will reward by driving traffic to your contents- A Win Win situation!

The post can be a combination of related questions or one post per question, decision is yours.

These questions may fall into any of these categories:

1. Someone typed it incorrectly and Google is not able to understand it.

Where as you as a human, will be able to understand it with your knowledge in that niche and your audience.

2. It is regarding something very new and Google have not caught up with it yet.

3. It is in some language that Google does not understands.

Advantages of Recommended ideas for your blog:

There is very little or no content on these queries/ideas.

People are searching these on Google but Google is not happy with what content its presenting to them.

No dearth of ideas for which traffic is available.


This is a golden chance for new bloggers who want traffic on their new blog. Create a strategy around it and use it as one of the source for your contents.

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