Webstories | Earn money by Creating Google Webstories [2022]

Google webstories is one more free medium from Google to share your ideas/content with the world and solve the problems along with earning money!

Webstories have been around for some time now and Google is encouraging content creators to use it by promoting it.

Best Laptops To create Webstories

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    How to make webstories?

    Here are simple steps to create webstories:
    1. Browse to the url MakeStories
    2. Create your account
    3. Start create webstories
    4. Publish webstories on your blog or free platform.

    Makestories Free Tutorials for Creating Web Stories

    You can learn Makesotries by following the free tutorial uploaded on YouTube by the creators of MakeStories.

    You can create webstories using the free images, music, Gif's provided by MakeStories, use your creativity and publish it easily!

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    How to Monetize Webstories?

    You can earn money as well from Webstories using Google Adsense or any other monetizing platform.

    You can add your Adsense code in the webstories and upload webstories to your blog.

    If your blog is on Blogspot, then currently there is no option to monetize using Adsense as Adsense will pay money only for the sites that belongs to you.

    There is no option to host webstories on Blogspot but if you are a Wordpress user, you can easily monetize it using your Adsense.

    Blogspot users can re-direct the traffic to their blog or other product page and earn from there.

    How to link Webstories to BlogSpot blog?

    There is an option to get code from MakeStories after publishing it. You can copy the embed code and paste it in Blogspot HTML view.

    You can also promote the short url created by MakeStories to get  traffic.

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    Google webstories are definetly a very effective way to get lot of traffic. Since its just picking up, early enrants will get the early bird advantage and drive tons of traffic to their website.

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